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The Dell PowerEdge T100 is a basic 1-socket tower server from Dell's PowerEdge tower server series.

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power consumption is good, doesn't add much to the electricity bill

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solidly constructed components, will last a long time before you have any problems with it

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easily customized to suit individual needs

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reasonably compact, won't take up much room around the office

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supports a good selection of processors, can handle heavier loads if needed

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very quiet while in operation, fans are almost inaudible

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remote-management features are almost non-existent, difficult to configure on the fly

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The Dell PowerEdge T100 is a basic 1-socket tower server from Dell's PowerEdge tower server series.  It is recommended by Dell as an affordable option for small businesses that require a starter server.  The server offers the performance, reliability, and security required to handle simple day-to-day IT tasks. The standard specifications of the PowerEdge T100 include a single 1.8 Ghz Intel Celeron processor, 4GB of DDR2 DIMM memory, and a 160GB SATA hard drive.  It also has an onboard SATA controller, embedded Gigabit ethernet network card, 16x DVD+-RW drive, and an integrated graphics card.  Most of the specifications of the server can be upgraded or downgraded based on the buyer's needs and additional options such as tape backup and security features are also available. 

The PowerEdge T100 can house up to 2 hard drives and is compatible with both SAS and SATA drives allowing it to potentially provide a total of 2TB of storage.  The server offers a variety of ports including a total of 5 USB ports and includes a Trusted Platform Module to support additional security software.  It has a starting price of $1308 and is covered by a 3 year limited warranty.

  • IntelĀ® CeleronĀ® Processor 430 at 1.8GHz, 512K Cache, 800MHz FSB 
  • 4GB (4x1GB) DDR2 800Mhz DIMM memory, upgradeable to 8GB
  • Onboard SATA, 1-2 Drives connected to onboard SATA controller - No RAID 
  • 160GB 7.2K RPM SATA 3Gbps 3.5-in Cabled Hard Drive  
  • Compatible with up to 2TB (2 x 1TB each) Serial-Attached SCSI (SAS) hard drives
  • Embedded Single Gigabit Network Adapter
  • 16x DVD+/-RW Drive
  • 5 USB 2.0 ports
  • Integrated graphics card
  • Trusted Platform Module
  • Additional option for tape backup
  • Dimensions: 16.3"H x 7.36"W x 18.11"D
  • 3 year limited warranty and support
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