It is a low-end rack server designed for small businesses that require a high performance but compact server.

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The Dell PowerEdge SC1435 is a low-end rack server designed for small businesses that require a high performance but compact server. The SC1435 features a single socket and chipset design, with a basic hardware configuration for a cheaper alternative. The PowerEdge SC1435 server features AMD Opteron Quad and Dual core support, combined with support for up to 32GB maximum installed memory (8 DIMM slots; 512MB/1GB/2GB/4GB DDR-2 SDRAM 667MHz).

The Dell PowerEdge SC1435 also features support for two separate 2TB hard drives (SATA or SAS), a slim-line optical drive, one PCI-Express slot for upgrades, and dual embedded broadcom gigabit NICs.

  • Processors
    • Quad-Core AMD Opteron
    • Dual-Core AMD Opteron
  • Memory
    • Up to 32GB (8 DIMM slots): 512MB/1GB/2GB/4GB DDR-2 SDRAM 667MHz
  • Storage
    • Hard Drives
      • 3.5" Nearline SAS (7.2K rpm): 500GB, 750GB and 1.0TB
      • 3.5" SAS (10K rpm): 146GB, 300GB and 400GB
      • 3.5" SAS (15K rpm): 36GB, 73GB, 146GB and 300GB
      • 3.5" SATA (7.2K rpm): 80GB, 160GB, 250GB, 500GB, 750GB and 1.0TB
  • Drive Bays
    • Slim-line Optical Drive
  • Slots
    • One PCI Express x8 or One PCI-X (64bit/133MHz)
  • Drive Controllers
    • Embedded SATA controller
    • Optional SAS 5i/R
  • RAID Controllers
    • SAS 5i/R
    • SAS 6i/R
  • Communications
    • Dual embedded Broadcom Gigabit NICs with load balancing and fail-over support
  • Graphics
    • Embedded ATI ES1000 with 16MB of dedicated DDR memory operating at 200 MHz
  • Ports
    • Rear: 2 x USB 2.0 ports, 1 x video connector, 1 x serial connector
    • Front: 2 x USB 2.0 ports, 1 x video connector
  • Power
    • Standard 600W power supply
    • Auto-switching universal 90-264V
  • Chassis
    • Form Factor: 1U rack
    • Height: 1.68"
    • Width: 16.78"
    • Depth: 24"
    • Weight: Maximum weight of 31.0lbs (14.1kg)
Post Review
Mervyn Thomas
07/24/2009 03:13

We have been using one of these for a year. It is nicely put together, and offers good price performance.
The problem came when we wanted to upgrade memory. We purchased through the Dell web site, they charged our card, and nothing happened. They didn't respond to my email inquiries. They didn't reply to my phone calls. I waited 40 minutes listening to their muzak before they cut me off.

Eventually (after more than 3 weeks) the memory arrived. It was the wrong memory (they sent us memory for an intel chipset); it doesn't fit.

I then have the same merry go round. They don't answer my emails. They leave me on hold for hours. Customer service transfer me to technical support; technical support transfer me to customer service, and customer service transfer me to technical support. This is an iteration that doesn't converge!

They haven't agreed to send the memory we ordered.
They haven't agreed to refund our money.

So - nice server but totally let down by inadequate customer support. I would never recommend a Dell server again, which is a shame because the iron is good value for money.

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