The Dell PowerEdge R905 is a high performance 4U rack server from Dell's rack optimized server series.

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The Dell PowerEdge R905 is a high performance 4U rack server from Dell's rack optimized server series.  The server is capable of providing up to 4-core processing, 256GB of DIMM memory, and up to 2.0TB of internal storage.  It is recommended by Dell for large-sized businesses and enterprise applications that require high visualization performance.  It offers improved scalability, memory, and I/O capabilities than Dell's previous 4U models and has an Energy Smart power supply for higher efficiency.

The standard specifications of the PowerEdge R905 include four 2.0Ghz AMD Opteron processors, 8GB of DIMM memory, and dual 73GB SAS hard drives.  It also has an internal PERC RAID controller, four embedded Gigabit network cards, and a SATA DVD-ROM drive.  Most of the specifications of the server can be upgraded or downgraded based on the buyer's needs and additional options such as a tape drive, fiber channel HBA, external storage controller, and visualization offerings are also available.  The PowerEdge R905 has seven PCI-Express slots and can house up to 8 hard drives with compatibility for both SAS and SATA drives.  The server includes a Dell remote access card allowing for remote management of thesystem and has a Trusted Platform Module to support a variety of security software and features.  It has a starting price of $12,656 and is covered by a 4 year warranty.

  • Can handle up to 4-core processing
  • 4x Quad Core Opteron 8350, 2GHz, 4x512K Cache, HyperTransport 1Ghz 
  • 8GB 667MHz (8x1GB), Single Ranked DIMMs, Upgradeable to 256GB
  • Internal PERC RAID Controller, 2 Hard Drives in RAID 1 config
  • 2 x 73GB 10K RPM Serial-Attach SCSI Hard Drives
  • Maximum Internal Storage: 2.0TB (5 x 400GB)
  • Internal 8x DVD-ROM Drive
  • 7 x PCI-Express slots
  • 4 x Broadcom┬« NetXtreme 5708 1 GbE Network Cards, TOE Capable 
  • Dell Remote Access Card, 5th Generation for PowerEdge Remote Management 
  • Optional VMware or Citrix XenServer visualization offerings
  • Optional Fiber Channel HBA
  • Optional Tape Backup and External Storage Controller
  • Trusted Platform Module
  • 4 year warranty and support
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