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Definitive Technology BP6B are the entry-level model Definitive Technology's Bipolar Tower line of floor-standing speakers.

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Only require 4" inches of rear clearance from wall

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Glossy, black piano finish

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Excellent for surround sound because of bipolar design

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quality bass output

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Not as well-suited for music as a traditional floorstanding speaker

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Don't include magnesium-cast basket found in BP8B and BP10B

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Definitive Technology BP6B are the entry-level model Definitive Technology's Bipolar Tower line of floor-standing speakers that retail for about $400 per speaker. Unlike most of its competitors, the BP6B is a bipolar speaker, meaning that they have speaker drivers facing both to the front and the rear in the same phase creating a more broad soundstage as sound is reflected off of walls and is difficult to pinpoint where it's coming from. Unlike dipolar speakers, which feature drivers that are in reverse phase, that create a cancellation pattern, bipolar speakers actually create a bass boost from the constructive interference patterns. The bipolar design is often cited as a better speaker for movies than music, because if it's inherent surround sound bipolar operation.

  • Dimensions: 7" W x 11" D x 35" H
  • Frequency Response: 25 Hz – 30 kHz
  • Rec. Assoc. Amplification: 20 – 175 Watts/channel
  • Efficiency: 91 dB
  • Nominal Impedance: 4 – 8 ohms
  • Drivers:
    • Two 25 mm pure aluminum dome tweeters blended by a Linkwitz-Riley crossover
    • Two 14 cm mineral-filled homopolymer-coned bass/midranges.
  • Finish: Piano-Gloss Black with wraparound black grill cloth.
  • Weight: 42 lbs.
  • Speakers are supplied with an optional spiking kit.
  • Retail: $399 ea.
Definitive Technology product line

Within the Bipolar Tower line, the BP6B are the entry-level model with the BP8B ($499 / each) and the BP10B ($599 /each) rounding out the line. Both of these models upgrade the bass/midrange driver to cast-magnesium basket drivers found in Definitive Technology's top-of-the-line Bipolar SuperTower product line. Other improvements as you move up to the BP8B and BP10B include larger enclosures and driver diameter.

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Dave C
11/08/2011 05:22

I bought a pair of BP6B and are using them for my fronts (l&R) in a 7.2 HT configuration. but I do use them for music about 50% of the time. I have a 135 watt onkyo tx-nr 809 receiver and my older Infinity's for rears with 2 subs (Velodyne 860's).
Let me say first that these are the sweetest sounding towers fronts I have ever heard. My girlfriend and I both agreed the sound is hard to pinpoint were its coming from. They have such a wide soundfield, the high ranges are phenominal ... I am hearing notes that I did not with my Infinity RS4 (1990's). I do use dual subs, but these do have quality bass output for such a small footprint.
I really highly recommend these after 1 month of ownership, I returned a set of C70 Energies, because they were just like my old infinity's -no real difference- but these Bi-polar BP6's have amazed me. I am so very pleased!!! Good luck, all.

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