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The DIR-600 is a wireless router by D-Link.

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WPS button is hard to press, and is weak, considering WPS button is supposed to aid wireless setup, it should be simple to access

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Simple and intuitive setup process, package includes setup discs

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Good wireless range, throughput level holds up well over a wide area

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Good performance for the price, reliable performance with good transfer speeds

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Poor firmware support from D-Link, in frequent updates, also updates do not fix known issues

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Connection issues with certain VOIP services, users who depend on VOIP should avoid this model

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A little expensive for the feature it offers, compared to options from Linksys that offers full 300mbps wifi

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 The DIR-600 is a wireless router by D-Link. It should be noted that this unit  is out-of-production in Canada and the US where it is known as the Wireless 150 Router. Other countries that D-Link sells this product will continue to support and sell this model. The unit was made with simplicity of set-up in mind featuring an installation wizard to ensure all computers on the network can share internet and files. Though older, the DIR-600 still features newest technology as it is loaded with 802.11n that ensures fast transfer and wider coverage. This unit is also backward compatible and will support 802.11g devices. Security was a major concern in designing this product. Users will benefit from WPA or WPA2 password encryption as well as dual firewalls in the form of SPI and NAT.

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