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The DI-614+ is a wireless internet router from the D-Link company.

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MAC filtering is pretty easy to set up

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works with some more advanced WEP encryption standards

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capable of some very fast wireless connections, great for big downloads

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can disable the SSID broadcast for improved security

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range covers the whole house and will work 2 floors away

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general configuration is simple with a well organized web layout

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documentation is sparse and has a few errors in it

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The DI-614+ is a wireless internet router from the D-Link company. Offering data transfer rates up to 22 megabits-per-second, this model features a 2.4-gigaherts wireless frequency range for reliable high-speed service. Offering IEEE-standard connectivity up to 802.11b, the unit is very easy to configure and includes a software-based wizard component to help inexperienced users through the initial setup process. For security purposes, the router includes 64, 128 and 256-bit encryption types in addition to a number of advanced firewall settings and parental controls for restricting certain URLs. Wireless modulation technology helps to improve the versatility of the DI-614+, comprising 11-chip Barker sequence capabilities Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) technology for support of a wide variety of platforms. The unit also features a strip of front-mounted LED notifiers that aim to keep users informed of important commands including power, local network, WAN and wireless connection strength levels. A three-year manufacturer warranty is included with purchase. 

  • Matte silver/grey aesthetic
  • 2.4GHz wireless frequency range 
  • Wireless data rates up to 22mbps 
  • IEEE standards up to 802.11b
  • 64/128/256-bit encryption 
  • LED status notifiers 
  • Wireless modulation technology 
  • 3-year manufacturer warranty 
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