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It is a premium priced, gamer branded broadband router that contains three of the latest technologies for 2008.

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Setup can be very easy

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Very high speed capabilities

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Compatible with many devices and networks, very robust

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Quality of Service is intended to keep online games performing well

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Overly expensive

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OLED menu can be difficult to nagivate

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Lousy Customer service & Tech support

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Poor performance in games. QOS doesnt work.

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The DGL-4500 from D-Link is a premium priced, gamer branded broadband router that contains three of the latest technologies for 2008: gigabit ethernet, draftN support, and dual band. While all the main buzzwords are there, a few caveats need to be mentioned, particularly the fact that while the router broadcasts in both the 2.4GHz or 5.0GHz spectrums, it can't do both simultaneously. The 5.0GHz is preferred due to decreased interference from devices such as microwaves and cordless phones, however compatible adapters are more rare and more expensive. In a further attempt to justify the premium price D-Link includes an OLED screen, similar to the Belkin N1 Vision that lets you monitor your network, and make simple configuration changes directly from the router itself.

  • Dual-band: 2.4GHz, and 5.0GHz
  • A/B/G/DraftN protocols
  • Single mode, only one of the bands can be active at a time
  • Gigabit LAN
  • 4 ethernet ports
  • 1 WAN port
  • USB port for configuration, does not support storage devices
  • OLED display
  • Dual-band (2.4GHz, 5.0GHz) but must be manually chosen
  • Gigabit LAN
  • OLED display replaces standard LED lights
  • "GameFuel" Quality of Service (QoS) functionality built-in

GameFuel - The router automatically recognizes and gives priority to network traffic coming from recognized systems such as Xbox Live. No manual configuration is needed to enable this mode. D-Link intends for this mode to keep online games unaffected when other people use the network for downloading and surfing the web.

Draft-N, Dual-Band - to make the most out of the 5.0GHz band and faster draft-N protocol you must have a compatible client card.

Post Review
07/12/2008 09:40

Works great, tons of settings, but if you don't need wireless N, DGL-4300 is good enough, with very mature firmware.

06/04/2008 10:12

You really don't need gigabit for gaming, you just need regular ethernet. And wireless gaming is generally not a good idea. It's just the other gigabit router with different packaging, marketing, and a higher price.

05/09/2008 08:28

So far performance is worse than my $50 Netgear Router. Whenever anyone else gets on my PINGS GO THROUGH THE ROOF. Not at ALL what I paid for.

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