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The mydlink Camera Video Recorder (DNR-202L) captures every moment while you’re away.

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The mydlink Camera Video Recorder (DNR-202L) captures every moment while you’re away. The DNR-202L is designed with two USB ports (you bring the USB hard drives) and is capable of recording 24/7 video without requiring a dedicated PC. Ideal for a home or small business. Simultaneously playback recorded footage or view live video while recording up to four mydlink Network Cloud Cameras*. Unlike traditional analog CCTV network video recorders, the DNR-202L supports megapixel cameras for recording high-quality HD video and audio based on motion alerts or recording schedules.

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  • Simultaneously record video and view real-time or playback recorded video from up to four mydlink cameras
  • Secure and safe storage of camera video with up to two attached USB external hard drives (bring your own drives)
  • Motion or schedule based recording of high-quality video and audio
  • Quick and easy setup with auto camera discovery and mydlink service
  • Free mobile app and web portal for remote viewing
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Works with mydlink cameras

DNR-202L supports up to four mydlink cloud network cameras. Need to connect more than 4 cameras? Simply add another mydlink Camera Video Recorder to expand your solution.

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Connect up to 2 USB Hard Drives

Safely store your video with up to two attached USB external hard drives. You pick a size, pick a brand-- DNR-202L works with any external USB hard drive.

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Home Security in the Palm of Your Hand

View your cameras across a range of devices using the free mydlink View App. With the app you can monitor and playback video from anywhere, remotely enable/disable recording, easily search on recorded videos by calendar, pan & tilt live video, and pinch-zoom. (available for iOS and Android)

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Easy DIY Setup

Installing the mydlink Camera Video Recorder has never been easier. Simply run the setup wizard, assign your NVR to your mydlink account or if you are a first time user, set one up, and you are ready to go. The DNR-202L will automatically discover your mydlink-enabled cameras in your network.

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A Little Space. A Lot of Recording

How much storage do you need? it's not one size fits all. Use the chart to create the solution that's right for you.

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Ease of Use

The DNR-202L features clear and simple interface for straightforward configuration including compression, resolution, and frame rate for all connected cameras. Once the cameras have been set up, recordings can be made continuously with automatic overwrite function, or according to a user-defined schedule. The NVR also provides event recording based on specific triggers such as when motion is detected.

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Style Options

  • 4 Camera Recording
  • 9 Camera Recording
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long will it record on a 1tb HD before it is full?

    This all depends on how you record. I'm recording continuously from a pair of DCS-932L cameras at 640x480 "medium quality" MJPEG with Audio at 12-15 frames per second and it seems like my 1TB drive will hold about 8 days of video before it starts overwriting the oldest video. If my cameras supported h.264 encoding rather than MJPEG, it would hold quite a bit more, I believe. The resolution, framerate, and audio all play into how much space the video takes up. If I only had one camera, or was only recording on motion-activation events (rather than continuously), it would probably take over a month before it rolled over. So the short answer is "it depends", but there's my experience.

  • When recording 4 cameras toe the DNR-202L my router and wifi slows down alot. Router is new cloud D-Link DIR-850L. Any suggestions to speed up system

    There's a lot of traffic when streaming four video feeds to the DNR-202L, which can slow down the rest of your network traffic. I'd read this can be an issue, so when I set up my system I purchased a separate router dedicated to the cameras and DNR-202L. That router is currently set up as a "switch" with wireless access point, so that the cameras and DNR-202L are technically still on the same network as the rest of my devices and are easily accessible, but all of their traffic is sequestered to their own router unless I'm actually viewing the stream. This is done using a wired LAN port to LAN port connection between the routers, with DHCP disabled on the camera router so that the main router handles it. The router I purchased was an inexpensive DIR-605L, but I only have two DCS-932L cameras which are not HD. I'm not sure this would be sufficient for a system with more cameras.

  • Can the images stored here be accessed remotely?

    It's supposed to work that way. I've been trying to get mine to work for 4 weeks. It's complicated and doesn't work for me.

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