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The DCS-932L is a wireless network camera from the D-Link company.

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setup only takes a few minutes, not much to it

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night vision is effective, can see everything as if it's all well-lit

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clean design looks at home next to other baby monitoring equipment

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picture is sharp and clear, easy to pick out the details

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can view the camera with Apple and Android products

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visual notification when someone is monitoring the feed to detect snooping people

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audio is poor, has lots of static, no planned fix

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The DCS-932L is a wireless network camera from the D-Link company. Utilizing a compact and lightweight construction that can be placed virtually anywhere, this model features wireless connectivity for full 24-hour surveillance. After installing the unit and running the on-board setup wizard, users can log onto to view and manage their camera settings without having to set up a password or synchronize IP ports. A microphone is included for audio reference, alongside a night-vision lens for clear viewing in the evening. D-Link's own "D-ViewCam" software provides a variety of record modes including motion sensor triggering, with email notifications and scheduling options helping to provide a full range of surveillance support. Network Attached Storage (NAS) device integration is also available for users who intend to record a large amount of video content without risk of computer memory exhaustion, with dedicated iPhone and Android applications offered for on-the-go viewing. 

  • Gloss White aesthetic
  • Lightweight, compact design 
  • 24-hour surveillance via D-Link website 
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Integrated night vision technology 
  • Requires minimal setup time 
  • Compatible with D-Link iPhone/Android applications 
  • Includes D-ViewCam software for Windows PCs 
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