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Its composite integrated circuitry offers advanced lightning protection.

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CyberPower Standby CP550SLG 550 VA Desktop UPS safeguards home/office computers and other electronics (monitors, scanners, speakers, CD/DVD players, MP3 players and phones) from surges, spikes, sags, brownouts and other power abnormalities. Its composite integrated circuitry offers advanced lightning protection.

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  • 550VA/340 Watts UPS system - Protects PCs, peripherals and personal electronics. Prevents data loss and interruptions that can cause lost product configurations.
  • GreenPower UPS - reduces energy consumption up to 75% compared to competitive models.
  • Output Connections: (4) Battery Backup & Surge Protected Outlets, (4) Surge Protected Outlets
  • RJ11 - DSL / Phone Surge Protection - USB Management Port
  • Power Panel Personal Edition Software Included - Compact Desktop Form Factor - 3 Year Warranty
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The CyberPower Standby CP550SLG provides battery backup and surge protection

A compact UPS with standby topology, the CyberPower Standby CP550SLG provides battery backup (using simulated sine wave output) and surge protection for desktop computers, workstations, networking devices, and home entertainment systems. During power interruptions, the CP550SLG offers reliable power protection and battery backup.

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Why You Need It

When power goes out for even a second it can result in data loss and hardware damage which can shorten equipment life expectancy. This battery backup unit provides sufficient emergency runtime power to allow for safe closure of open files and proper shut down of electronics when an outage occurs. In addition, it safeguards electronics from commonly occurring power surges caused by storms, activity on the power grid, or high-powered equipment turning on and off.

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Typical Use

Provides backup power and surge protection for home and small office computers, wired and wireless network routers and modems, home theater systems, game consoles, and personal electronics. Safeguards valuable documents, photos, videos, and music files from loss or damage due to power fluctuations and surges as well as uncontrolled equipment shutdown caused by power interruptions.

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Power Management Software

PowerPanel Personal Edition software is available free for download with all UPS systems with a USB or serial port. The software features a user-friendly dashboard interface for controlling and monitoring a CyberPower UPS systems. Its advanced functionality includes; runtime management, self testing, event logging and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • The cyber power adapter beeps for about 20 seconds then it went off. How can I tell if this is charging?

    When the power goes off, most assuredly, that the unit isn't charging, it is doing the opposite, it is providing power. Depending on how much load you put on it, it is supposed to provide enough battery power to shut down your sensitive electronics safely. It will beep to let you know you are using up your battery power. If it is similar to other UPS's I've had experience with, it will beep more frequently until it sounds a final long tone telling you it will have to shut down. At least that's the way our APC units worked on our workstations when we lost power.

  • Will this allow my 600w desktop psu to work at full 600w load?


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What's in The Box

  • UPS system
  • User’s manual
  • USB A+B type cable
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