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The Cyber Acoustics CA-3602 is a low-cost multimedia speaker system.

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control pod for the desktop gives easy access to bass levels, volume, an AUX jack and headphone jack

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sound quality exceeds that of other systems that run 3x the price

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control pod is solid and convenient, action on the dials is smooth and doesn't cause static when you adjust them

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speakers look nice, have an attractive and striking design

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can handle being turned all the way up without blowing out

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sound is full and rich, very satisfying to listen to music through

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subwoofer provides more power than you'll need sitting at the desk

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not a lot of sound through the mid-range, tend to be overly bright

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The Cyber Acoustics CA-3602 is a low-cost multimedia speaker system. Like the rest of the systems in this line, this 2.1 computer speaker system consists of two magnetically shielded satellite speakers and a wooden subwoofer. This system has a flat panel design, which makes for a small footprint. The CA-3602 has an MP3 cradle for mounting MP3 players, iPods and iPhones. For control of speaker power and volume there is a seperate control pod for volume with an on/off LED indicator. Both the lower cost CA-3080 and CA-3090 models lack the CA-3602 model's larger satellite speakers and subwoofer. The Cyber Acoustics CA-3062 has an power button that is designed to be easily accessible.

  • 2.1 speaker system
  • Computer speaker system
  • Subwoofer
  • 2 satellite speakers
  • Wooden design
  • Magnetically shielded satellites
  • Flat panel design
  • Auxiliary input
  • Headphone jack
  • Power button
  • Low-distortion/high-powered amplifier technology
  • Control pod
  • MP3 cradle

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