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CuiZen's Hotdog Steamer gives you the best possible way to enjoy hotdogs at home.

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CuiZen's Hotdog Steamer gives you the possible way to enjoy hotdogs at home. The patented steaming system can steam up to twelve hotdogs and buns at once with a cooking timer to make sure everything comes out perfectly. The steamer can even be used on a wide variety of other foods. Includes a recipe booklet with 40 variations.

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  • Steams up to 24 hotdogs in 12 minutes
  • Warmer can hold up to 12 buns
  • Beautiful retro design
  • Includes "Hotdogs from around the World" recipe book
  • 800 watts of power to ensure best results
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What else can it steam?

    The little drawer is only as high and wide as a hotdog and it's very flimsy plastic. So most veggies won't even fit. If you squeeze food in it won't cook well because there aren't enough holes. And the top level is impossible to use since there's hardly any steam there. So you can't really use it for steaming other foods.

  • How to use it? Where to put the water?

    Setting the timer for 10 minutes insures perfectly cooked hot dogs and perfectly steamed buns. Be sure to not cover the air holes in the bun steamer with the buns. When they're done, carefully remove the bun steamer lid and wipe condensation from the bottom of the lid. This will prevent the buns from getting soggy as they sit waiting to be consumed. Don't let the water reservoir run out of water. You always want to keep it at least half full while cooking. Using filtered water will prevent the heating element in the water reservoir from becoming corroded with calcium.

  • Do i need pre heat before timing?


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