15, 000 BTUs work to cook pizzas in as little as 5 minutes.

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This pizza oven makes crisp, brick oven style pizza. It's been designed with the cooking ability of professional brick ovens, but with the accessibility, ease and size of a portable grill. Designed to replicate the perfect pizza environment of a brick oven, it uses convection, conduction and reflected heat to create high air temperatures and an even cooking surface.

15,000 BTUs work to cook pizzas in as little as 5 minutes. The oven itself is assembled in less than 10 minutes without needing any tools! Its compact design, weighing less than 40lbs, with built in handles makes it ultra portable.

Whether you're holding an imprompt family pizza night, inviting the friends over for a patio pizza party, or showing off at the next tailgate, the Alfrescamore Outdoor Pizza Oven will make you the master of outdoor cooking.

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How Does It Work

From the ornate pizza oven flown in from Italy at your favorite pizzeria to the Cuisinart Alfrescamoré Outdoor Pizza Oven, all pizza ovens work on the same principles. They harness the power of Convection, Conduction and Reflected heat to create the perfect pizza environment.

Convection – The Alfrescamoré is designed to pull in cool air from below the oven, heat it at the burners, and direct it around the pizza and out the open front arch. This natural convection creates a pocket of hot air right above your pizza helping to cook the toppings and prevent soggy pizza.

Conduction – The cordierite stone in the Alfrescamoré is perfectly calibrated for the heat produced. It heats evenly and conducts heat to the bottom crust of your pizza. This cooks the pizza from the bottom up.

Reflected Heat – The stainless steel inner lid is specially designed to reflect heat back down onto your pizza. Its dome shape and reflective surface add the final touch to ensuring your pizza cooks properly and quickly.

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Easy Setup, Deliciously Fast Pizza

The Cuisinart Alfrescamoré Outdoor Pizza Oven assembles in less than 10 minutes without the use of tools. Simply push and twist to start and let the 15,000 BTUs get you up to pizza making temperatures in 10-15 minutes. Once it's up & running, the Alfrescamoré oven can turn out incredible home-cooked pizzas in around 5 minutes. Use the built-in warming tray below the oven to keep slices warm while you work on more pizza!

Lightweight, Portable Design

Weighing less than 40 lbs, this oven is as portable as they come. It features side mounted carry handles and runs on a 1lb propane tank. So while it works perfectly for a quick barbecue in the comfort of your backyard, this ultra portable design means you're also free to take it to your next tailgate, party, picnic, or camping trip without the hassle you get with larger outdoor grills and ovens. The Alfrescamoré is your own pizzeria on-the-go!

Unique Features, Handy Extras

Features that work together to give you the best pizza making experience possible. The hinged lid allows easy access and faster cooling, while the lid mounted thermometer keeps track of air temperature inside for accurate baking. The integrated smoke cup can add that real wood-fired taste to your meals. And it comes with a foldable pizza peel, cordierite pizza stone, and Pizza Making Guide, so you have the tools to become a master pizza-maker in no time.

Fresh Ingredients, Fantastic Pizza

It’s time to stop spending half your bank account every time you want to go out for nice, brick oven style pizza. Stay at home and design your very own unique pizzas with healthy, natural, locally grown ingredients and homemade dough, or quickly and easily make a cheese pizza from pre-made dough. Combine your favorite toppings, or experiment with wild new combinations. With how fast Alfrescamoré cooks pizzas, you’ll have time to make as many as your heart desires.

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Color Options

  • Black
  • Black & Stainless Steel
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What's in the box?

  • Cuisinart Alfrescamoré Outdoor Pizza Oven
  • 12 x 12 inch Stainless Steel Pizza Peel with 12 inch Fold-Over Handle
  • 13 inch Diameter Cordierite Pizza Stone
  • Built-In Warming Tray
  • Integrated Smoke Chip Cup
  • Cuisinart Pizza Making Guide
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How hot can this thing get? I like to cook my pizzas as hot as possible, preferably more than 700 degrees.

    Up to about 650 degrees. I also have an infrared thermometer, and it read 680 degrees on the pizza stone. Once this is heated up, it makes pizza in about 5 minutes.

  • Is there an adaptor to connect it to a gas line, rather than a tank?

    There is an adaptor available to connect the oven to a 30-lb. propane tank rather than the small bottles but there is no adapter to connect it to something like an indoor gas line like you would use for a gas stove.

  • What else can this oven do?

    This oven isn't built for pizza alone -- anything you can bake, Alfrescamoré can make. Try making desserts, calzones, breads or whatever your heart desires. Or if you don’t have time to create a fresh pizza, the Alfrescamoré can easily bake frozen pizzas as well.

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