The Cuisinart All Foods Gas Grill is a Versatile cooking system that expertly grills fine foods.

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The Cuisinart All Foods Gas Grill is a Versatile cooking system that expertly grills fine foods. Solid grilling performance provided from a 12,000 BTU stainless steel loop burner, a heat distributing panel, and a porcelain enamel coated cast iron cooking grate. The grill is compact in size, making it ideal for smaller yards and patios, and with folding stainless steel shelves and carry handles, is convenient to carry to the game or beach. The All Foods Gas Grill features Cuisinart’s unique Versatile Modular Grill Surface system, which is a series of interchangeable specialized grill surfaces suited to frequently grilled foods, such as veggies, breads & pizzas, and delicate foods. The panels mate securely to the cooking surface, yet remove quickly and easily for cleaning and storage. The grill comes with the Veggie Panel, and others are available. Other features include a precision temperature gauge, the Cuisinart TwiStart Ignition system, and a removable drip tray.

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  • 12,000-BTU tabletop gas grill with stainless-steel burner
  • Twist-start ignition for easy start-ups; porcelain enamel-coated cast-iron cooking grate
  • Modular grill-surface system; removable all-purpose veggie panel
  • Folding side shelves; temperature gauge; propane tank not included
  • Measures approximately 19-4/5 by 27-4/5 by 12-4/5 inches
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  • Durable 430 stainless steel grill lid with insulated double wall construction keeps the elements out, maintains even temperatures and reduces heat loss during grilling.
  • Heat resistant 201 stainless steel lid handle makes it easy and safe to open and close grill lid to check, turn, and serve food.
  • Dual stainless steel folding side tables (each measuring 10 by 10 inches) are strong enough to hold your largest, heaviest trays of food, grill tools, or accessories.
  • Dependable cast aluminum grill lid end-caps secure a tight fit and reliable finish to the grill
  • Porcelain enamel-coated cast iron cooking grate offers a long-lasting grilling surface that provides strength, durability, and structure to the most heavily abused part of your grill.
  • Heavy-duty porcelain enamel coated flame tamer provides a solid metal plate designed with enough thickness to withstand the high temperatures emitted by the burner and the juicy, fatty drippings from your food.
  • Sturdy one-piece welded grill base constructed of porcelain enamel coated steel. This base elevates the grill and holds everything together at an appropriate grilling height. Connects directly to the optional Cuisinart Folding Grill Stand without reassembly.
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Grilling Performance

Begin with a simple TwiStart ignition system and in a matter of seconds the Cuisinart All Foods grill sparks to life. No need for two hands to get this grill lit--the one-handed lighting system gets your grill up and running without ever needing to put your beverage down. The durable stainless steel loop burner puts out 12,000 powerful BTUs and heats the grill grate quickly and evenly. The sleek, low profile design of the Cuisinart All Foods Gas Grill results in faster heat-up times when the grill is first lit, as well as faster re-heating when you open the lid to check or turn food.

Within a few minutes after lighting, the grill heats up to ideal grilling temperatures. While 500 degrees F may be unchartered waters for most portable gas grills, it is quite the norm for the powerful Cuisinart All Foods Gas Grill.

Temperature accuracy is essential to grill different foods properly and offer your guests the correct desired doneness of meats, fish and poultry, which is where the integrated precision temperature gauge comes in. It clearly displays the internal temperature of the grill and allows you to accurately and confidently manage desired grilling temperatures for the variety of foods.

Designed for versatility and exceptional contact grilling, the porcelain enamel coated cast iron grill grate is designed for versatility and exceptional contact grilling. With a large 240-square-inch surface, it provides ample grilling space for an abundance of food--adequate for up to 8 people.

Either side of this uniquely designed grate can be used depending on the food you are grilling. The flat side provides maximum contact surfaces and exceptional grill lines for steaks, chops, and poultry, while the opposite side offers better surface point grilling for more delicate foods like fish and seafood. Either way, the cast iron grate distributes heat evenly and efficiently so you can grill your food in a uniform manner with no hot or cold spots.

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Versatile, Compact, and Portable

The All Foods grill combines the ideal size of an everyday backyard grill with the versatility and compact ability of a portable grill. And unlike large, multi-burner full-size grills, the Cuisinart All Foods grill does not take up a large portion of your deck or patio, and does not waste space on extra grilling areas and burners that waste propane and rarely get used.

When docked in the optional Cuisinart Folding Grill Stand, the grill becomes an efficient, economical everyday grill that will handle all your grilling needs. It's designed to take 14.1- and 16.4-ounce bottled liquid propane (LP) gas canisters, but by adding the optional Cuisinart 4-foot LP Adaptor Hose and purchasing a 20-pound LP tank, you can grill longer and more efficiently without needing to constantly change fuel canisters.

Despite its ample grilling space, the All Foods grill is easy to take on the road thanks to its compact size and 35-pound weight--making it ideal for beach parties, tailgating, camping, and more. Designed for portability, features folding hide-away side shelves and 2 integrated handles for convenient carrying, loading, and unloading. And the optional Cuisinart Folding Grill Stand is equally portable--folding down to about 2.5 inches thick--so your entire grill set-up can easily go anywhere you go.

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What's in the Box

  • The Cuisinart All Foods comes disassembled into the following parts: lid and firebox
  • Grill leg assembly
  • Cooking grate
  • Drip tray
  • Screws and washers
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Style Options

  • Tabletop
  • With Stand
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Color Options

  • Black
  • Stainless Steel
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can it be connected to 20 pound propan gas (using a kit)?

    You can use the 14 oz or 16oz propane canisters that are available at most hardware stores, home centers (lowes, Depot), Mass merchants (WalMart, Target, Kmart, etc.) or sporting goods stores (Dicks, Sports Authority, Academy). IN addition you can purchase a conversion hose which you can connect directly to a 20lb propane tank (the ones that all big grills use.

  • Can it be used on a wood table top?

    Yes it can.

  • Rust resistant?

    It seems to be. Outer shell is stainless steel and inner parts are well painted and appear to be properly prepped and finished with heat resistant coating. Grill is cast iron. It's been out in the weather since it arrived weeks ago and has been through several spring rains uncovered. No sign of corrosion anywhere.

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