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This immersion hand blender quickly purees soups, blends batters, mixes beverages, and more.

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Equipped with a powerful 200-watt motor, this immersion hand blender quickly purees soups, blends batters, mixes beverages, and more. The unit's unique blade provides extremely smooth and even blending, while its protective blade guard helps prevent splattering. The blender includes a powerful chopper for chopping or mincing a wide variety of foods, plus a whisk attachment that allows for optimal whipping results. Other useful features include a lightweight design, an easy-to-grip ergonomic handle, and simple push-button control.

Cuisinart makes it quick, clean and easy to blend, prep and whip a variety of ingredients. Our Smart Stick Hand Blender includes Whisk and Chopper attachments to extend this blender's performance. Blends or whips in the bowl, pitcher or pot, to eliminate extra dishes, and with the Chopper attached, it turns into a handy mini food prep tool. The look is commercial, the performance is professional, and the ease of use is pure Cuisinart!

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  • 200-watt immersion hand blender housed in brushed stainless steel
  • Powerful chopper and whisk attachments provide added versatility
  • Lightweight design
  • Easy-to-grip ergonomic handle
  • Simple push-button control
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the hand blender working for making meat purée for baby?

    It did not puree finely for me.

  • How many speeds is it and how heavy is it?

    Two speeds and just under 1.5 pounds.

  • Is it made of stainless steel?

    It's stainless steel everywhere where it counts - in the tiny gear that drives the whole thing. That's plastic. The rest of the beautiful stainless steel piece will last forever, but the gear will be trash in no time, rendering the stainless useless.

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