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The bottom bracket comes sealed on every bike, so moisture or dirt will never cause problems.

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The bike is very comfortable and durable.

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The bike is easy to assemble.

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The bike is very lightweight and portable.

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The bike has a very smooth ride.

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The rear brake pads disintegrate with use.

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The frame scratches easily.

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The Critical Cycles Fixed Gear is a single speed urban road bike. These bikes are hand built with a tig-welded steel frame. The fixie can be ridden as a fixed-gear or as a freewheel like a regular single speed. The bike also includes Wanda tires, a sealed bottom bracket, KMC chain, Protek cranks, Promax brakes, Sunrun freewheel, and Well-Go pedals. Three Allen wrenches and a Cone wrench is included for the assembly of the bike. It comes in frame sizes of 49cm, 53cm, 57cm, and in more than 10 colors. 
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  • Hand-Built Steel Fixed Gear
  • Single-Speed Track Frame  
  • Horizontal Drop Outs
  • Deep-V Double Wall Rims
  • Flip-Flop Hub 
  • Freewheel  
  • Fixed-Gear Cogs
  • Neco Headset and Bottom Bracket 
  • Wanda Tires 
  • KMC Chain 
  • Well-Go Pedals 
  • Pro-Max Brakes 
  • Protek 3-Piece Crank
  • Assembly tools included
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Color Options

  • Black/Red
  • Light Blue
  • Matte Black
  • Tan 
  • White/Black
  • Blue/Aqua
  • Gray/Orange 
  • Celeste/Silver 
  • Pink/Celeste
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Size Options

  • 49cm / Small
  • 53cm / Medium
  • 57cm / Large
  • 43cm / X-Small
  • 60cm / X-Large
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the best tire pressure for this bike?

    It should be between 80psi - 100psi.

  • Can a front brake be installed on this bike?

    Yes, it can.

  • What is the gear ratio for this bike?

    It is 46x16.

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