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The Creative Vado is an inexpensive handheld camcorder that's focus is on ease-of-use and simplicity.

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Great value for the price

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Easy to publish online

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Easy to transfer to your computer

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Built-in battery, rechargeable through USB

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Is now Mac compatable. See link in comments section.

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Relatively inexpensive ($99)

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You are unlikely to be stopped in a security line if this is found.

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Frequently on special sale at Fry's Electronics for a slight discount ($5-$10).

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Once the videos are loaded on Youtube, the sound and video quality are better than a webcam

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No extended memory option

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No Mac software

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No optical zoom

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Only two colors currently available are silver and pink

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Unit housing is easily scratched.

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Can be mistaken for an iPod

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Very poor audio quality

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Poor video quality

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Battery port is somewhat difficult to open.

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Does not come equipped with a case of any kind

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The Creative Vado is an inexpensive handheld camcorder that's focus is on ease-of-use and simplicity. The camera has a USB connection built-in so that it's easy to transfer video to your computer, or even directly to YouTube or Photobucket. The Vado has 2GB of built-in memory and 2 hours of battery life, which can be recharged through USB. The Vado aims to be your everyday camcorder, with its small size and easy publishing capabilities, it is intended for YouTube-style video sharing (meaning it's not super high resolution; this can be fixed with the free onsite firmware updates, which also add access to BoxNet).

  • Video resolution: 640 x 240
  • Video format: MPEG-4 AVI at 30 frames per second
  • Sensor: VGA CMOS
  • 2x digital zoom
  • 2" LCD
  • Built-in speaker and microphone
  • 2GB memory - 2 hours video at good quality, 1 hour at top quality
  • TV-out
  • USB connector
  • 2 hours battery life
  • Dimensions: 3.9" x 2.2" x 0.6"
  • Weight: 84g\
  • Free firmware updates onsite.
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Gareth Jubb
03/02/2010 06:30

The vado and vado HD both now support Mac OSX. Follow the link below to download the vadfo central software for MAC. It will ask you to install some plugins, then your off. It even has an import to iMovie button.

07/28/2008 11:13

The Vado 0570 is small, inexpensive, and very much no-frills. It is very handy if you want to do travelogues or quick reports.

As a disabled person with some spasticity in my left hand, I find it difficult to open the Vado's battery port. This makes it hard to switch out the battery if necessary.

I took the Vado to my local mall and had some fun with it:

07/16/2008 08:53

Hi, did you use Vado? If so - make sure you are running the latest firmware I linked to earlier. It does improve things a lot.

I happened to use both Vado and the Flip (you love it, right?) and on PC Vado works seamlessly. Unlike Flip with its rather cumbersome software that does not even allow saving clips (WTF?) And the best part is I am not getting "Video Playback Failed" message, which was a standard message with the Flip. And made it unusable in the end.

I hear you can use Vado with Mac as well - it mounts as a mass storage device and from her you simply copy videos into Movie Maker and do whatever you want with them.

Youtube compresses too much, I think and it really should default to high quality playback. If you play e.g. this video
In standard and then in High Quality there is a massive difference.
(Shot with Vado, should you ask)

07/06/2008 09:05

I applaud the attempt by Creative Labs to produce a very cheap camcorder but it is just that, cheap. The video quality is much worse than other camcorders in this price point and the audio is even worse. The PC-only software is near useless.



06/16/2011 01:17

This from the only person in the world who feels this way about this piece of gear. Cmon' sweetheart - start broadening your yourself or we might have to supply you with a blanket party...

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