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The Creative Vado HD is an extremely compact and easy to use HD camcorder.

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includes an HDMI cable for use with high definition televisions and monitors

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affordable price

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easy to use, upload or playback

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full 720p high definition video

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small, compact form factor

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8GB of built in capacity

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comes with a silicon skin to protect the case

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removable battery allows you to have spares on hand

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720p / 1080i output direct to an HDTV.

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many accessories available

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no optical zoom

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no expansion slots for further memory

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The Creative Vado HD is an extremely compact and easy to use HD camcorder. This pocket-sized camera is capable of capturing 720p HD video and has an HDMI output that provides 1080i ouput to an HDTV. It has a wide angle les to capture wider scenes and features a 2x digital zoom. Recoring is can easily be started or stopped with the touch of a button and it is capable or recoring 2 hours of HD plus quality, 4 hours of HD quality and 8 hours of VGA quality video. For easy connectivity to your computer, there is as flexible swiveling USB tab that lets you uploaded directly to sites such as YouTube, Photobucket or with the built in software. It has a large 2" antiglare screen to help you setup your shot or review shots you've already taken. The rechargeable lithium ion battery can be charged via USB and gives 2 hours of recording time, and can be removed to change in a fresh battery for longer shooting time.

  • Weight: 100g (with battery)
  • Dimension (H x W x D): 3.9" x 2.2" x 0.6" (100 mm x 55 mm x 16 mm)
  • Memory size: 8GB
  • Sensor: HD CMOS (1280 x 720)
  • Video quality (pixels): 1280 x 720
  • Low light performance: Extremely high sensitivity at 3.3V/lux-sec
  • LCD: 50.8 mm (2") diagonal, 16 million colors
  • Screen resolution (pixels): 640 x 240
  • Zoom: 2x Digital Zoom
  • Recording capacity: Up to: 2 hours (HD+ quality), 4 hours (HD quality), 8 hours (VGA quality)
  • Digital video format: H.264 AVI at 30 frames per second
  • Speaker and microphone: Built-in
  • Software: Built-in
  • TV out: RCA, HDMI (HDMI cable included)
  • Tripod mount: Yes
  • Power saver: Yes
  • Delete all, Play all: Yes
  • Set Date/Time: Yes
  • Set frequency: Yes (50Hz or 60Hz)
  • PC connection: Built-in flexi USB connector
  • Battery life: 2 hours
  • Online sharing: YouTube, Photobucket,
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12/10/2008 12:47

I've got the original Vado and have really liked it for the price. Good, solid unit that has performed well for me. BTW, its been on sale for $79.99 plus some accessories and shipped free.

I just ordered the Vado HD and am looking forward to it. Creative is discounting it $30 as an introductory price. Likely to beat the Mino.

Check out the Vado discounts here:

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