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Creative's response to Apple's iPod Shuffle is the Zen Stone.

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long battery life

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Can function as USB/mass storage drive

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Small and lightweight

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Looks better than the iPod Shuffle

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Good sound quality

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Plug-and-play, no software required

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Has an EXTERNAL speaker. Mine came with a clip and silicon sheath

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Very good for those who are not too technically inclined.

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Dedicated button on the top of it that skips from folder to folder.

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Nice format compatibility (MP3, WMA, Audible)

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no clip

6 agree

Annoying LED that flashes every two or three seconds when it's playing a song.

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slightly larger than the 2nd gen shuffle

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You can't browse music and listen to music at the same time.

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DRM song transfer issues with some firmware versions

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No FM tuner

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No memory expansion

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Gets scratched easily

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There really needs to be a hold button.

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below-average battery life of 10 hours or less

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Can only charge via USB

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Only 1 Gigabyte

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I wish the shuffle feature stayed within a folder, instead of choosing songs from random folders.

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No voice recording

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No hold button

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Creative's response to Apple's iPod Shuffle is the Zen Stone. A tiny device that holds 1GB of storage and comes in a variety of colors. The Zen Stone is a bit heavier than the shuffle (0.88 ounces versus 0.55 ounces), and is also bigger - the zen stone dimensions: 2.1 inches x 1.4 inches x 0.5 inches. However at the price point ($39), it's half the price of the similarly spec'd iPod Shuffle. The playback features are standard and include single song repeat, ordered playlist, and random.

Note: It does not have a built-in clip, however Creative created different carrying devices for the Zen Stone including a keychain, clip or armband (which can be purchased separately)

Comparison with the iPod Shuffle
Spec Zen Stone iPod Shuffle
capacity 1GB 1GB
weight 0.88 ounces 0.55 ounces
height 1.4" 1.07"
width 2.1" 1.62"
depth 0.5" 0.41"
battery life up to 10 hours up to 12 hours
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07/13/2011 07:11

I have the Zen Stone but cant figure out how to turn it off could you help me please????

05/03/2007 03:46

I know what you're saying duiu, but I actually don't mind the 1 gig. If you want a durable, lightweight mp3 player while for running, this (or the shuffle) can't be beat. At 1GB it can still hold 15 full-length albums; and it's way more affordable than larger capacity players. I think there is a market.

05/03/2007 03:20

I'm not big into apple either, but a 1 gigabyte mp3 player is pretty much worthless. The only reason I would get this is if I wanted a smaller spare to put only my favorites on when I went somewhere. At least it is only $40, but at GameStop for $40, I could get 8 games.

05/03/2007 02:52

I don't know, but I've been on an anti-Apple kick later. (see iclix). At $40, this is a pretty impressive piece of technology on the cheap. I would love to show this to a caveman (before he clubbed me to death).

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