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The Creative Labs GigaWorks HD50 are a pair of ultra-compact, high-definition satellite speakers.

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attractive modern looking design

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well filled-out low end sound considering there isn't a separate subwoofer

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solid ports and connections that seem durably constructed

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clarity and range is good once they are broken in

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compact design perfect for cramped quarters

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capable of as loud a volume as most people will need from a pair of small speakers

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cost is much higher than most comparable speakers

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takes a long time to burn-in the speakers for best results

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The Creative Labs GigaWorks HD50 are a pair of ultra-compact, high-definition satellite speakers designed to offer smooth, professional quality music from a PC or MP3 player. A giant upgrade from the 2-speaker SBS 245, the GigaWorks HD50 offers an increased peak power output (62w versus 8w) and nominal power output (36w versus 4w). Unlike the primitive SBS 245, the speakers in the HD50 include both a mid-range driver and a Titanium Super Tweeter. In addition, the HD50 relies on Creative High Definition and BasXPort technology to provide strong lows and a substantial bass readily comparable to a subwoofer. The HD50 also comes equipped with one audio line-in input port and an optional X-30 iPod docking station. The Creative Labs GigaWorks HD50 is priced at $149.99, approximately $130 over the much weaker SBS 245. Although expensive, the HD50 is cited as a perfect choice for consumers seeking two high-quality, super powerful speakers without having to invest in a subwoofer.

  • Components: 2 speakers
  • Type: active
  • Peak Power Output: 62 Watt
  • Nominal Power Output: 36 Watt
  • Connectivity: Wired
  • Controls: Volume
  • Connector Type: 1 x audio line-in
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