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Add more power to your gaming experience with Creative Inspire™ 4.1 4400.

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well suited for small rooms

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designed with Creative's Sound Blaster line of sound cards in mind

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good value for those on a budget

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supports EAX and Microsoft DirectSound 3D enhanced games

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Simple and good design for speakers at this price

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Easy to setup and also good in connecting this speaker system to any television to have better sounds, just connect it on the earphone jack

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mediocre frequency response - mid-tones can sound muffled

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not true surround sound: only 4.1 channels

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not compatible with optical SPDIF sound cards

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the only con that I have observed for this model is the subwoofer vibrates to much even if you adjust the sub volume and it can't output very well the low frequency sounds

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remote control is wired - prone to failure

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requires 4-channel, 2-output (front/rear) connectors to be present on the user's sound card

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Add more power to your gaming experience with Creative Inspire™ 4.1 4400. This incredibly powerful speaker system features four newly designed satellites with unique contours around the drivers for optimum sound dispersion, plus a powerful cube-style wood subwoofer for booming bass. The result is maximum surround sound performance every time you play your favorite games. Combine Creative Inspire 4.1 4400 with any four-channel Sound Blaster sound card and experience the full potential of EAX™ and Microsoft® DirectSound® 3D in supported games
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