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The Creative GigaWorks T3 is a luxurious 2.1-channel multimedia speaker system.

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volume control is comfortable to work with and has a nice response to it

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subwoofer is strong, thumps hard when you need it to

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headphone/AUX jack is convenient and feels solidly mounted

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take up very minimal space on the desk

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clarity through the mids and highs is very good, lots of detail in the audio

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not very good definition in the bass range, tends to get a bit boomy

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midrange can sometimes get overwhelmed by the bass and highs

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much higher than average price for computer speakers, not right for any but music lovers

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The Creative GigaWorks T3 is a luxurious 2.1-channel multimedia speaker system released as a wired counterpart to the wireless Inspire S2 Wireless. It lacks its peer’s Bluetooth connectivity, but it adds along higher-quality audio, more elegantly designed speakers (two T3 speakers and a single SLAM subwoofer), and a low friction volume control pad with a headphone input (for private listening) and an auxiliary jack (for connecting to a portable MP3 player). It can be hooked up to any stereo or RCA device. Ironically, it only includes a stereo to dual RCA cable, which means anyone seeking a standard stereo connection will need to purchase a stereo-to-stereo cable.

  • 2.1-Channel Multimedia Speaker System
  • Wired Stereo Connection
  • Designed for Notebooks, Computers, and MP3 Players
  • Dual T3 Speakers
  • Single SLAM Subwoofer
  • Volume Control Pad
  • Stereo to Dual RCA Cable
  • Quick Star Leaflet
  • Warranty & Technical Support Leaflet
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