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The D220W is a wireless speaker system from the Creative company.

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light and easy to move around the house as needed

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compatible with all other Sound Blaster wireless products, making it easy to integrate with other things you might already own

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setup is extremely simple, not much to it

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styling is simple and monolithic to avoid drawing attention to itself

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transmitter works with both PC and Mac

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AUX port on the back of the speakers is handy if you want to use it with your MP3 player on the fly

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range is really good, can get up to 100 feet away

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at this price there aren't many that will want to buy something with these capabilities

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The D220W is a wireless speaker system from the Creative company. Working in conjunction with the Sound Blaster Wireless Transmitter unit (sold separately), this model allows users to stream audio content from their Mac or PC at a distance of up to 100 feet. No cables or network configurations are required - the unit operates as a standalone. Sound Blaster Wireless Ecosystem technology helps to preserve maximum sound quality within a home environment, while precision-engineered drivers and amplifiers work inside a single-shell chassis for distortion-free playback. 3.5mm auxiliary inputting is also available for users who wish to stream audio from an MP3 player or smart phone, in addition to full compatibility with the other products in Creative's Sound Blaster series. A universal power adapter is included for simplistic conversion when travelling, alongside a universal plug adapter for 1/4" jack support. 

  • Gloss Black aesthetic
  • Lightweight, compact design
  • 100-foot transmission range
  • Multi-room synchronization 
  • High-quality audio reproduction 
  • Auxiliary inputting
  • Single-shell chassis
  • Native compatibility with Sound Blaster wireless products 
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