The Crayola Digital Light Designer lets children express their artistic side, without the mess of traditional pens.

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The Crayola Digital Light Designer lets children express their artistic side, without the mess of traditional pens. The round dome responds to the touch of a stylus to display up to seven colors, providing unlimited imaginative fun. Kids can make their drawings move with animation options or even create short movies by combining drawings. The dome also features eight engaging activities and games to keep kids entertained.

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Home Menu Access

From the start-up light design, children can decide how they would like to interact with the dome. No matter where they go, two white lines along the bottom can take them straight back to the menu, where they can change their preferences or begin a new activity. The dome also allows kids to save up to 50 of their still creations--although animations will not be saved.

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  • Drawings magically light up on a 3 dimensional surface
  • Drawings are created from light
  • Create with colorful lights
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What's in the Box

  • Digital Light dome
  • Marker
  • Instructions
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Draw Pictures without the Mess

The Crayola Light Designer responds to the touch of the included stylus to give children a mess-free and exciting way to draw--with light! Since the dome works by displaying light, drawings can be easily erased, re-created, or colored over. The dome also features preprogrammed scenes, with drawings of butterflies, flowers, spaceships, and more, which children can animate or alter.

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Engaging Games Keep Kids Occupied

The Digital Light Designer also features games. Children can create funny faces, race cars through obstacles, discover hidden images, learn how to draw without lifting the pen, draw half an image that gets reflected, and watch their designs change color in a light show.

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The large stylus that puts light on the dome is a convenient size for young hands to maneuver. It works by either pressing the stylus against the dome or holding it up to one inch away while pressing a yellow button on the side. The dome also features convenient storage along the side to store the stylus, but our testers found that the stylus would fall out of its storage if bumped even lightly.

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Age/Weight Requirements

  • Six years and up
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Assembly Requirements

  • Two AAA batteries and four D batteries (not included) or Two AAA batteries and 6 volt cord (not included)
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Batteries operated? and if it comes with power supply, don't it support 220v too?

    It does run on batteries but you can also buy a power supply seperatly.

  • Does is come with AC cord

    No, the A/C adapter and cord are not included.

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