The Craftsman 208cc 26 (88691) is a two-stage snow blower designed to clear a maximum width of 26”.

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runs maintenance-free for the most part, just needs occasional oiling

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throws snow a good distance, enough to get it out of the way without ending up 2 houses over

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powerful enough to handle snow several feet deep

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easy enough to push around, don't have to be big and heavy to move it

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solidly constructed, feels like it will last for years

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blows snow on a low trajectory so that the wind doesn't catch it

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chute control is easy to master with one hand while maintaining control

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The Craftsman 208cc 26 (88691) is a two-stage snow blower designed to clear a maximum width of 26”. It builds from the 208cc 26 (88970) by adding along trigger control power steering. This gives it the maneuverability lacking from its predecessors, meaning users can much more easily handle tight spots and rough, damp terrain. Also included are Deluxe Glide shoes for added traction. Like its counterpart, the blower relies on a powerful 208cc, 4-Cycle OHV Craftsman engine, an easy-to-operate joystick for rotating the chute, and curved auger blades for more thorough snow penetration. Users especially appreciate the electric start and joystick-controlled chute operation.

  • Two-Stage Snow Blower
  • 26” Clearing Width
  • 21” Intake Height
  • 208cc, 4-Cycle OHV Craftsman Engine
  • Push-Button Electric Start
  • Trigger Control Power Steering
  • Single-Hand Operation
  • 6 Forward / 2 Reverse Speeds
  • 12” Curved, Serrated Steel Auger & Impeller
  • Joystick Chute Control
  • 180-Degree Chute Rotation
  • Mitten Grip Starter Handle
  • X-Trac Tires
  • Deluxe Glide Tech Polymer Skid Shoes
  • Gas Powered
  • 2-Year Limited Warranty
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