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Craftsman's 21" Front Wheel Drive Limited Edition Mower is a mid-level homewoner lawn mower.

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catcher takes a long time to fill completely due to the fine cut of the grass

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maneuverable enough to handle small, tight areas

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mulches grass very finely, don't have to rake afterward

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starts on the first pull every time

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powerful engine doesn't bog down in thicker areas

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body is made of fairly thin material, results in some possible jams around the wheels if you aren't careful

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hard to throttle down without major adjustments

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Craftsman's 21" Front Wheel Drive Limited Edition Mower is a mid-level homewoner lawn mower. It uses a Honda engine with 160cc cylinder capacity and a single-speed front wheel drivetrain. The engine is supposed to be both light and quiet, and features an automatic choke return that is supposed to make starting reliable and simple. The deck height can be adjusted to 9 different positions, and the disposal options are bagging into a 1.7-bushel bag (included), side discharge or mulching. The deck is made of steel and has a 21"-wide cutting path, and the handle can fold overtop of the deck for easier storage or transportation. As its name suggests, this mower was produced in a limited capacity and is available exclusively through Sears. Craftsman covers this mower with a 2-year general warranty.

  • Released March 2008
  • Honda OHC 160cc engine
  • 21" cutting path
  • Steel deck
  • 1.7-bushel bag
  • Bagging, side discharge and mulching
  • Folding handle
  • 9-level height adjustment
  • Auto choke return starter
  • 2-year warranty
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06/16/2013 05:33

WHERE DO i adjust the front wheel drive it pushes so hards and when try to go backswards and is very hard to push dont know if something needs adjusted or what thought maybe yo could help me thank you when you go backwards the wheels locks hard to push

06/16/2013 05:37

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