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The Cowon X7 is an upper mid-cost portable media player.

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Ease of use--open source design allows for simple drag and drop, easy to load up new skins, etc.

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Touchscreen is very sensitive and responsive, makes getting around the UI easier.

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Remarkable battery life--103 hours music playback, 10 hours video.

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Surprisingly sleek compared to other PMPs.

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User interface is pretty well done, especially compared to other Cowon devices.

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Large, beautiful display--crisp and vivid.

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Signature Cowon top-quality sound.

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Proprietary USB connector (at least to those outside of Korea).

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Doesn't support playlists.

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Video resolution limited to 480 x 272--well behind the competition.

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The Cowon X7 is an upper mid-cost portable media player. This player has a 4.3" LCD display with 480x272 resolution, as well as a TV output. The Smart Widget user interface of this player allows you to view all your favorite widgets and info on the same page. The 160GB HDD of the X7 allows up to 103 hours of music and 10 hours of movie playback. The USB port on this player also allows you to save media from the player to an external hard drive. There is a speaker on this player, and you can control your audio settings and effects with JetEffect 3.0 BBE+. A surprising aspect of this portable device is that it lacks WiFi. The Conwon X7 comes in 120GB and 160GB models.  

  • 4.3" LCD display
  • Model options
  • HDD
  • 103 hours of music, 10 hours of movies playback
  • Smart Widget UI
  • JetEffect 3.0 BBE+
  • Bluetooth
  • Speaker
  • External hard drive capable
  • Retro design
  • 480x272 information
  • TV output
  • Built-in microphone
  • USB
  • FM radio
  • Recorder
Model Options
  • 120GB - $414.00
  • 160GB - $455.00
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