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The Cowon C2 is a portable media player (PMP) with a touch screen and wide range of media format support.

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support for popular, open-source file formats (FLAC and OGG)

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stunning build quality and construction materials

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well designed user interface - always beautiful

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great battery life - double that of the Nano at 2 days

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legendary Cowon sound quality - remains amongst the best sounding MP3 players made

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good price point

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4, 8 or 16GB capacities

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microSD card slot for affordable storage expansion up to an additional 32GB

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easily pocketable - very small and lightweight

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well designed menu structure with dedicated physical home menu button

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display is small, with low resolution and has restrictive viewing angles

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resistive touchscreen - not as responsive as the more common capacitive variety

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The Cowon C2 is a portable media player (PMP) with a touch screen and wide range of media format support. It can be considered as a successor to the ever popular Cowon D2 (and D2+). They are similar in many ways such as the small form factor and expandable memory by the means of microSD cards. The C2 offers a much improved built-in software and user interface; it is minimal and easy to navigate. This PMP retains the good sound quality and sound equaliser that its predecessor has been known for with JetEffect 3.0. It offers three main features in EQ filter, BBE+ sound effect, and stereo sound enhancement. The C2 is advertised with battery life of up to 55hrs of music play and up to 10 hrs of video play. It supports a wide range of audio format such as MP3, WMA, OGG, FLAC, APE, and WAV. Video format support includes AVI, WMV, and ASD and their various codecs. The Cowon C2 is a PMP that offers a solid set of features and good sound quality; a good option for anyone looking for a basic PMP with long battery life but without the fanfare of applications. 

Features / Specifications
  • Available in 4/8/16GB capacities with microSD expansion
  • 2.6'' LCD display (320x240)
  • Built-in Li-Polymer batter
  • Music: 55hrs
  • Video: 10hrs
  • Built-in speaker, mic
  • Audio codec: MP3, WMA, OGG, FLAC, APE, WAV
  • JetEffect 3.0
  • Video format: AVI, WMV, ASF
  • Video Codec: DivX, Xvid, WMV7/8/9
  • AV out
  • JPG Photo viewer
  • FM Radio
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Arianna Christian
09/11/2012 03:27

Excellent features....!!!!
it also provide best clarity and large storage area...

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