It's built with 100% Cherry MX RGB key switches for fast, precise actuation and superior feel.

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The Corsair Gaming K70 RGB mechanical gaming keyboard begins with the durability, styling and responsiveness of the legendary K70, and adds multicolor per-key backlighting for virtually endless lighting combinations. It's built with 100% Cherry MX RGB key switches for fast, precise actuation and superior feel. Each key can be individually programmed to display any of 16.8M colors and multiple brightness levels for a level of customization never before seen in a mechanical keyboard. 104 key rollover and anti-ghosting ensure accurate gameplay. And, the K70 RGB is built to last, with a black anodized brushed aluminum finish that's sturdy and lightweight.

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  • 100% Cherry MX RGB mechanical key switches for ultimate performance
  • Multicolor per-key backlighting for virtually unlimited game customization
  • Display controller driven fast and fluid 16.8M multicolor animation
  • Aircraft-grade anodized brushed aluminum for superior rigidity
  • Entire keyboard is programmable to assign a macro to any key
  • 100% anti-ghosting with 104 key rollover on USB
  • 100 Percent anti-ghosting with full key rollover on USB
  • Onboard memory to take performance and lighting settings with you
  • All-new desktop control software
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Compatibility and system requirements

  • A PC with high power USB 2.0 port (+500mA).
  • Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista.
  • At least 35MB of hard disk space.
  • Two USB connectors are required.
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Multi color, per key backlighting for virtually unlimited customization

Every one of the keys can be assigned a unique backlighting color. This gives you opportunities for key binding that you’ve never seen before in a mechanical keyboard.

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Mechanical key Switches for ultimate performance

Corsair Gaming mechanical keyboards exclusively use Cherry MX key switches. They provide an unmatched combination of responsiveness, key feel, durability, and breadth of range to let you choose precisely the performance and response you need.
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Aircraft-grade black anodized brushed aluminum finish

You get impressive looks, light weight, and the rugged durability you need for a keyboard that’s going to see a lot of action.

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All-new desktop control software

Design your own per-key RGB color lighting patterns, select unique lighting for each key independently for your favorite games, or use the sophisticated macro programming tool.

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Assign macros to any key

Just one more reason why the K70 RGB is one of the most advanced gaming keyboards the world has ever seen, you can set up any key to trigger a macro. The all-new control panel software makes it easy. FPS, MOBA, or even Minecraft, the K70 RGB has it covered.

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Onboard memory to take performance and lighting settings with you

Do you take your gaming to go? Built-in storage lets you set it up once, and take it anywhere.

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Size Options

  • Standard
  • Standard RGB
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Style Options

  • CHERRY MX Brown, RGB
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between red brown and blue?

    Red = soft with no tactile bump, Brown = tactile bump no click, Blue = tactile bump and click. Check this video out will help a lot.

  • Why there are 2 versions which are CH-9000068-NA and CH-9000063-NA? wats the difference between them?

    Reading the corsair forums the only difference is the corsair logo:
    CH-9000063-NA uses the sail logo.
    CH-9000068-NA uses the new dual sword logo.

  • Where is the key removal tool?

    Unfortunately it does not come with one. You will have to buy one separately.

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