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The Corsair CX430 is a power supply designed to operate flexibly and reliably in a wide variety of systems.

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durably constructed, will last for years

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comes with enough cables for most medium sized setups

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cables are long and thick, easy to work with

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power cord connector is positioned so that it is out of the way most of the time

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reasonable price for a power supply

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manual power cut-off switch comes in handy sometimes

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installation is easy, pre-drilled holes are all where you'd expect

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Performence is unbeatable, The CX series has the performance of the very expensive high end units. And the price is affordable. Finally a PSU at a reasonable price, That actually dleivers its rated power. (It's about time America)

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too much cabling for a smaller case, makes for a tight fit

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Snobby gamers that have mommy buy them expensive hardware complain about the CX series, This is becaue the CX series performs as good as the expensive PSU's they use, And it is much cheaper.

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The Corsair CX430 is a power supply designed to operate flexibly and reliably in a wide variety of systems, and is part of the Corsair Builder Series. This is followed by the Corsair CX430 V2, but doesn't have the same compatibility with European standards, isn't formally 80-Plus certified, and has a shorter 2 year warranty. In all other ways they are the same, including providing a continuous 430 watt power supply at 30°C. A built-in 120mm fan varies in speed depending on the temperature to reduce noise, and the system has up to 80% energy efficiency for less heat generation. The unit has 0.99 Active Power Factor Correction, which ensures that the provided power is clean and reliable with no sudden spikes or drops. A dedicated +12 volt rail is also available for newer components. The built-in cables are extra long and fully-sleeved to support larger cases.

  • Up to 430W at 30°C
  • Supports the latest ATX12V v2.3 standard, backward compatible with ATX12V 2.2 and ATX12V 2.01 systems
  • Ultra-quiet 120mm fan
  • Up to 80% energy efficiency
  • 0.99 Active Power Factor Correction
  • Universal AC input from 90~264V
  • Dedicated single +12V rail
  • Over-voltage and over-power protection, under-voltage protection, and short circuit protection
  • Extra long fully-sleeved cables
  • Two year warranty
  • Dimensions (W x H x L): 5.9 x 3.4 x 5.5 in; 150 x 86 x 140 mm
  • MTBF: 100,000 Hours
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