Gamers are now able to have an all-encompassing CM Storm experience.

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Gamers are now able to have an all-encompassing CM Storm experience. The CM Storm QuickFire Rapid is a high-grade mechanical gaming keyboard that employs the best selection of CHERRY MX Switches available. It is positioned as a premium quality keyboard with an attractive value proposition. It features a minimalistic design inspiration that makes it both an affordable step into using mechanical gaming keyboards and worthy of competitive use. This version of QuickFire Rapid utilizes Blue CHERRY MX Switches that provide force feedback with low resistance, allowing light and easy key presses with a click feedback noise.

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  • Mechanical CHERRY MX Switches
  • Windows Keys disabled in GAME mode
  • Extra key-caps bundled (with key puller)
  • Laser-marked keycaps
  • Anti Ghosting
  • NKRO in PS/2 mode
  • Removable braided USB cable with cable routing
  • Compact design without numpad section provides extra space for your mouse and allows your shoulders to be comfortably positioned
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Size Options

  • Full Size
  • Tenkeyless
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Style Options

  • Blue CHERRY MX Switches
  • Brown CHERRY MX Switches
  • Red CHERRY MX Switches
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many Keys can you have pressed down and work at one time?

    You can have up to six keys pressed down at one time. If you have a PS/2 port on your motherboard you can use the USB to PS/2 adapter to get N-Key rollover, which means you can have an unlimited amount of keys pressed simultaneously, and they'll all be registered.

  • Anyway to set the thing to backlight automatically when the computer boots?

    This model does not have back-lit keys. The only LEDs on the keyboard are caps, scroll, and num lock keys.

  • Is it too noisy in office?

    It's noisy, depends how hard you're typing but the feeling is great.

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