Quick Fire Rapid-if is the successor to Cooler Master's popular Quick Fire Rapid mechanical gaming keyboard.

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Quick Fire Rapid-if is the successor to Cooler Master's popular Quick Fire Rapid mechanical gaming keyboard. Evolving from its predecessor, Quick Fire Rapid-if features complete LED backlighting, powered by a 32-bit ARM processor that allows it to have unique lighting effects such as responsive lighting upon key presses (instant response and trailing effect) as well as the ability to light up individual keys and save them across 4 different profiles. The built-in processor allows all profiles to be easily set and activated directly from the keyboard without the use of any software. This version of Quick Fire Rapid-if features White LED backlighting as well as CHERRY MX Blue key switches that provide force feedback with low resistance, allowing light and easy key presses with a click feedback noise.

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  • Fully Mechanical CHERRY MX Blue Key switches - Audible, Click Feedback Made for Gaming
  • Ten keyless Form Factor - A compact, ergonomic design makes it easy for travel and allows you to keep your mouse arm closer to your body for enhanced comfort
  • Fully White LED Backlit - Total Illumination for Complete Visibility in Low-Light Environments
  • Activity Technology - Instant Response and trailing light effects, powered by a 32-bit ARM processor
  • Individual Key Lighting - Save up to 4 different lighting profiles for different games or usages
  • 1.8m Detachable Braided Cable
  • N-Key Rollover - Registers an unlimited amount of simultaneous key presses
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Color Options

  • Blue CHERRY MX Switches
  • Cherry MX Brown
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Mechanical Keyswitches

Genuine CHERRY MX Brown keyswitches provide satisfying, tactile feedback with low noise output and superior durability.
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Full Backlighting

Completely backlit with white LEDs for total illumination and visibility in low-light environments.

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Activlite Technology

Rapid-i's unique lighting technology enables instant response and trailing light effects upon kepresses.

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Customizable Per-key Lighting

A 32-bit ARM processor allows you to program individual keys, keeping them lit and saved across four (4) different profiles without using any software.

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Compact And Ergonomic From Factor

QuickFire Rapid-i features a tenkeyless profile for those who favor portability and ergonomics over Numpad inclusion.

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  • Free Technical Support
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does this come with the red (WASD) gaming key caps like the lower model?

    No. Every key is white.

  • Is the back lighting toggled on and off using the Scr Lk key, like the CM Storm Devistator?

    No, you use fn + f4 to toggle backlog settings. Watch this video

  • Is it possible via software (that gets written to internal memory of keyboard that will survive unpluggin) to remap caps lock to be ctrl?


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