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CM Storm NovaTouch TKL - Premium Keyboard with Exclusive Hybrid Capacitive Switches.

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The CM Storm Nova Touch TKL utilizes an exclusive, patented Hybrid Capacitive key switch design that combines the benefits of a mechanical spring-based switch with an electrostatic capacitive sensor to provide excellent tactility, comfort, and durability, perfect for heavy-duty typing or gaming. The unique design of these Hybrid Capacitive switches require no physical mechanical coupling, therefore eliminating key switch bounce and chatter for a frictionless experience. The 45g actuation force is precision tuned to the strength of your fingers, while an ultra smooth, tactile key process makes Nova Touch the best feeling keyboard on the market.

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  • Exclusive CM Storm Hybrid Capacitive Keyswitches
  • Nimble Command Execution and Response with Short Debouncing Time for Superior Gaming Performance
  • Ultra Smooth, Satisfying Tactile Feedback for Extended Typing Comfort
  • Ergonomic Tenkeyless Form Factor for Ideal Mouse Arm Positioning
  • CHERRY MX Compatible Key Stems for Keycap Customization
  • Uniform 45g Actuation
  • N-Key Rollover for Registration of Unlimited Number of Simultaneous Keypresses
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The Ultimate Typing Experience

Built to impress, NovaTouch TKL utilizes exclusive Hybrid Capacitive switches that are exceptionally quiet and suitable for heavy-duty gaming or typing. An ultra smooth, tactile key process makes NovaTouch the best feeling keyboard on the market.

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Exclusive keyswitches

Ultra smooth, Hybrid Capacitive switches provide soft, satisfying tactile feedback for extended typing comfort.

Fastest mechanical keyboard
Short debouncing time allows nimble command execution and response for superior gaming performance.
Ergonomic from factor

NovaTouch features a tenkeyless profile for those who favor portability and ergonomics over Numpad inclusion.

CHERRY MX compatible stem

Customize NovaTouch with commonly available CHERRY MX keycaps.

USB interface

Plug-n-Play functionality with detachable, braided connection cable.


Parts, product replacement, and free technical support.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How's the space key balancer system of this keyboard - Is it more solid than conventional cherry mx balancers?

    If you are referring to that little metal bar system ive seen on most cherrys, that is non existent on this board. Add a picture of the space bar so you can see how it works. Just get the keyboard, you absolutely wont regret it.

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