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The Cooler Master Elite 370 is a low-cost computer case.

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Subtle visual aesthetic (matte black exterior with glossy plastic front panel trim and bay covers) is very appealing.

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Plenty of attachment points for additional fans up to 140mm in size.

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Spacious interior is great for longer video cards (even the 12" long ATI Radeon 5970).

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Blue front-panel LEDs are visible but not irritatingly bright like some other cases on the market.

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5 1/4" drive bay retainers only lock down one side of each bay, resulting in a DVD drive that doesn't sit quite right.

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Very few internal built-in attachment points for wire ties makes things a bit messy.

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Side panels are a real pain to put back on.

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The Cooler Master Elite 370 is a low-cost computer case. Cooler Master promotes the Elite 370 as offering premium features in a low-cost package. This computer case has support for seven fans, one of which is included (the rear fan). The rest of the fans are optional add-ons. The power supply of the Elite 370 is mounted on the bottom, which helps to keep the unit cool. The bottom and top intake of this computer case both have dust filters, which cuts down on the amount of dust that gets sucked into the case. The Elite 370 has support for long graphics cards, such as the HD Radeon 5970 (there is room for two graphics cards in this case). This computer case is a step down from the higher cost Elite 430 in that the Elite 430 has one more exposed 3.5" bay (two instead of one), transparent side window, and large front ventilation holes. The Cooler Master Elite 370 comes in black.

  • Color: Black
  • Rear fan
  • Optional fans: 2 top/2 side/1 front/1 bottom
  • 3.5" bays: 1 exposed, 5 hidden
  • 5.25" bays: 3 exposed
  • Cooler mount hole
  • PSU on botton
  • I/O panel: 2 USB 2.0 ports, 1 audio in, 1 mic
  • SECC (Steel Electrically Chromate Coated)
  • Dimensions: 7.5" x 16.7" x 18.9"
  • Supports long graphics cards
  • Bottom/top intake dust filters
  • Room for 2 graphics cards


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