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It is a large mid-sized case, and falls in the middle of the spectrum of Cooler Master's mid cases.

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Metal edges are smooth and de-burred - significantly reduces risk of user injury during installation

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Unit components are primarily metal - indicates high-quality materials and construction

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Durable, boxed design is conducive to hardware stacking - ideal for users running multiple towers or working within a confined office space

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Front-mounted fan position provides excellent, effective cooling - blows evenly across hard drive bays for consistent support

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Front-panel spacing scheme is in line with many common PC towers - power and reset buttons, speaker outputs and USB ports line up evenly

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Audio jacks are very difficult to plug into - requires considerable force that may damage cables or connector pins

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Installation guide is very poorly written - vague, complicated directions render the manual virtually useless

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Rear fan wire is very short - severely limits routing possibilities

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 The Cooler Master Centurion 5 computer case is a large mid-sized case, and falls in the middle of the spectrum of Cooler Master's mid cases. It features considerable storage capacity, with five 5.25" drive bays and five 3.5" bays. Its cooling system features a 120mm rear fan and an 80mm front intake fan, as well as a side panel air duct for ventilation. One of its factory options is a transparent side panel, and the front framing comes in either silver or blue. The Centurion 5 is designed for durability and easy maintenance. All drive bays are tool-free. Although the Centurion 5 is the base Centurion model, it is a step up from the lower Elite series.

  • MSRP: $54.99
  • Release Date: December 2004
  • Larger mid-size case
  • Optional transparent side panel
  • 120mm rear cooling fan, 80mm front intake fan, side air duct
  • Front panel mesh for optimum air flow
  • Durable and easy to clean
  • Five 5.25" exposed drive slots, five 3.5" slots (1 exposed)
  • Front-mounted USB and audio ports
  • ATX and micro-ATX compatible
  • Tool-free access to all drive slots
  • Silver, blue, or black front panel
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