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100 piece train set, children can build train sets from scratch and then role play with the various characters.

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This is the Conductor Carl 100 piece train set. Wooden train sets are great for any curious child. Children can build train sets from scratch and then role play with the various characters. Children have to use problem solving skills to build their set and will act out real-world situations with the pieces. It's fun and enjoyable for kids and parents alike. 

Conductor Carl train sets use single-piece construction train tracks. Many of our competitors use pegs for connecting track pieces. All of our standard track pieces are single units, which helps eliminate potential risk to a child. Single-piece construction tracks also result in a snug fit, which ensures trains do not hop off the track. 

Conductor Carl train sets are compatible with other popular wooden railway systems such as Thomas the tank engine sets and Brio train sets. 

Conductor Carl train sets have passed CPSIA compliance testing. We ensure that all of our train sets meet government standards for lead and phthalates to ensure a safe playing environment. Copies of our test results are available upon request.

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  • This Conductor Carl Train Set includes: 1 Conductor Carl Engine Car, 34 pieces of track, 12 vehicles, 15 people & signs, and 39 trees & houses.
  • Train sets encourage role playing and problem solving. Young brains at work!
  • Wooden track with single piece construction. No dangerous loose pegs!
  • 100% CPSIA compliant. Certified lead and phthaltes free. Safe.
  • Compatible with all Thomas Wooden Railway items. High quality track and cars.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Would anyone know if this would be compatible with Target's Circo brand tracks?

    A good way to tell is by looking on the Circo brand box. The main brand is Brio, so if the Circo brand says it is compatible with Brio or Thomas the Tank Engine tracks, then they are compatible with this set as well. This set is compatible with Brio and Thomas sets.

  • What is the length and width of the set when it is assembled?

    The surface that the track sits on is 42"x36".

  • Is the set compatable with chuggington trains?

    If they are the "wooden track" trains then yes but if they are the die cast metal trains no they won't. This track is good quality and universal my son has Thomas and friends, imaginarium, circo and a few real wood chuggington and they all fit perfectly!

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