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Parental Advisory: Mature Content This is the third album by System of a Down.

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Many tracks are surprisingly pleasant to listen to despite being released as a sort of collection of B-sides

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Aggressive and innovative hard rock compositions

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Inspired and political lyrics

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Unique and clever CD design artwork

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Disc art comes in a variety of collectable editions

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At times guilty of SOAD's tendency to make songs sound too similar

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Style is not as groundbreaking as it seemed on the self-titled album or Toxicity

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Parental Advisory: Mature Content

This is the third album by System of a Down. This album was made after a number of leaked songs by SOAD emerged on the internet. The band decided to release the finished songs on Steal This Album! after expressing concern that fans were listening to unfinished material.  The songs were originally going to be included in the album Toxicity, but the band came to the conclusion that the songs didn't fit in with the continuity of the album. Steal This Album! made number 15 on Billboard 200. Some of the leaked songs were left out, including "Fortress" and "Virginity". New songs, such as "Roulette, were added to the collection.

Track List:

1. Chic 'N' Stu   2:23

2. Innervision   2:33

3. Bubbles   1:57

4. Boom!   2:15

5. Nuguns   2:31

6. A.D.D (American Dream Denial)   3:18

7. Mr. Jack   4:11

8. I-E-A-I-A-I-O   3:08

9. 36   0:46

10. Pictures   2:07

11. Highway Song   3:15

12. F*** the System   2:15

13. Ego Brain   3:23

14. Thetawaves   2:39

15. Roulette   3:21

16. Streamline   3:35

The album's CD had four other covers besides the white with black sharpie writing that is the most common. The other four covers are considered to be rare and were designed by members of the band. The most controversial cover depicts two differrent colored V's. Some people believe this signifies Uncle Sam having sex with the queen of England.

Post Review
10/31/2007 03:15

I really wanted to steal this album, but I ended up deciding to support the band and paid money for it. What a tool I am. :(
...Good album though.

04/01/2007 01:12

I bought this today on iTunes. Why would I bother to comment on this fact? Because iTunes charged me for the album twice. Needless to say I was ticked.

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