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Enviga is a new drink that first became available in January 2007 from Nestlé.

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To my taste the berry flavor is especiallly refreshing. This is the only green tea product I like.

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Calorie-negative (burn 20-30 calories per can)

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Contains 20% of your daily intake of Calcium

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I liked the berry taste as well.

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Enviga is becoming hader to find. Is it on its way out?

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I can't hardly find it anymore. The cost should go down though

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This product is most likely being (or has already been) discontinued. :-(

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Enviga is a new drink that first became available in January 2007 from Nestlé. The drink is a green tea, caffeinated and carbonated drink that claims to increase your metabolism and increase your fat-burning capabilities. Nestlé claims that per can consumed you can lose up to 20 - 30 calories. Contrary to most bottled green teas, which are high in sugar (and therefore calories), Enviga is actually calorie-negative. The active ingredients in Enviga are EGCG, a naturally occurring plant extract found in tea plants, and caffeine, with 100 mg per serving (about the same as a cup of coffee).

Enviga is available in three flavors: green tea, peach, berry. Each can also contains 20% of your daily calcium intake. While the drink really contains 5 calories, according to Nestlé, the science of thermogenesis accounts for the net-negative calorie count.

Look for Enviga in 6-can and 12-can multi-packs, with individual cans retailing for between $1.29 and $1.49.

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05/19/2008 03:06

I don't know about the "Best drink EVER!!" but I can say I like it very much. I have had both the Green Tea and the Berry, but cannot find the other one ANYWHERE!? I only drink two per day and although I am not attributing my weight loss (5 lbs in 13 days) to this product alone, I can say it keeps me away from drinking diet drinks, while maintaining my water intake.
I can only find this product at Sweet Bay (Tampa, FL), but I am told that Walmart carries it as well, which means (hopefully) Sam's club will sell it in bulk.
Additionally, I will agree with others, this is WAY better than Red Bull, the taste is horrid!

09/09/2007 05:27

Best drink EVER!!!

Donna Star
08/04/2007 03:58

I just love this drink. I have only tried the Berry, and it is hard to find. I would like to see 7-11 carry this. I get it from a little market by my work. "michaels deli" in Tukwila WA. I buy them out as soon as he gets them in.....Please let me know where i can get more. I work 2 jobs and it provides me not only energy, but quenches my thirst. I am a water drinker, but this is my 2nd favorite drink. I hope to find the other flavors to try them too. Donna Star

07/01/2007 11:57

It's cheaper than red bull and it has helped me get past my weight loss plateau that I was stuck on. You have to eat healthy, too, to lose the weight....they never claimed that enviga alone would help you burn calories if you sit around eating crap all day. I've tried other green teas before because of the antioxidants but didn't like the flavor. I do only like the berry flavor of enviga but that's just my taste.

04/21/2007 07:01

Sounds like a scam to me. Doesn't green tea have EGCG, too?

03/30/2007 11:25

Haha. That's a good plan, Manzabar. Diet by losing your will to live. The "I'm too depressed to eat diet"

03/30/2007 12:30

My wife and I bought one of these on our way out of Target the other day. Sure it was expensive, but it was cold and we were thirsty. Having said that, I'd rather drink motor oil than ever have this stuff again. The drink is horribly sweet and nasty. I figure this stuff mostly helps you lose weight by destroying your appetite (as well as your desire to live).

03/15/2007 07:42

better than red bull, no lie!

01/06/2007 08:03

enviga is the freaking best drink in the world! hoooraaay

10/20/2006 02:11

Have you ever heard of dark energy, Omar? That's what happens to you if you drink to much of the juice.

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