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The Coby TFTV1925 is a mid-range 18.5" LCD HDTV similar to the Coby TFTV1525.

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remote control is comfortable and well designed while still remaining simple

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good set of connections so it will work with most things

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SD content looks very clear and detailed

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delivers a sharp and crisp picture

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stand is stiff and can't be tilted at all

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menus are a bit confusing and difficult to work with

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poor viewing angles, tends to wash out if you're looking down at it

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The Coby TFTV1925 is a mid-range 18.5" LCD HDTV similar to the Coby TFTV1525. The TFTV1925 boasts a couple of notable improvements over the TFTV1525, namely: a 1000:1 contrast ratio (as opposed to 600:1) and a brightness of 250cd/m2 (as opposed to 220). Otherwise, the two HDTVs sport the same basic features, including an 8ms pixel response time and integrated stereo speakers.

The TFTV1925's 1000:1 contrast ratio allows it to display bright whites and darker blacks simultaneously on screen but lack of any local dimming technology means it may not perform as well as sets with this dynamic contrast technology. Its 8ms pixel response time allows the TFTV1925 to handle fast action scenes without any ghosting or blurring for improved gaming performance. Additionally, the TFTV1925's integrated stereo speakers allow it to be used right out of the box without the need for additional speakers.



  • 18.5" Widescreen TFT LCD (720p)
  • DTV-ready with dual ATSC/NTSC tuners
  • 1000:1 contrast ratio
  • Brightness: 250 cd/m2
  • Pixel response time: 8ms
  • HDCP compliance for HDCP content support
  • HDMI, component, composite and 15-pin PC VGA video inputs
  • Full-range stereo speakers (10W)
  • Digital comb filter and noise reduction


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