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The Coby TFDVD1574 is an entry-level HDTV.

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good range of connections to ensure it will work with almost anything you have

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sound output is better than expected for a unit this small, good clarity and volume

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integrated DVD player saves a lot of space and works well

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colors are bright and vibrant, make everything stand out well

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menu is easy to navigate even for people who aren't comfortable with technology

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fights glare, works well in a brighter room

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compact design makes it ideal for a bedroom or small office environment

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not good for movie watching, as dark scenes tend to look like the screen is just black

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The Coby TFDVD1574 is an entry-level HDTV. It has a 15.4"-diagonal TFT LCD screen, with a display resolution of 1280x800, a native resolution of 720p and 500:1 contrast ratio. Its pixel response time is 6 ms. The TV has a built-in side-mounted DVD player as well as a USB connection and SD card slot to display digital media. It supports ATSC, QAM and NTSC video systems and has multiple video inputs, including a VGA port for connecting with a computer. It has stereo audio and 3.5mm audio inputs, two 10W stereo speakers and a 3.5mm headphone jack. It is the most basic of Coby's LCD HDTVs with a built-in DVD player.

  • Released January 2009
  • 15.4"-diagonal flatscreen TFT LCD display
  • 500:1 contrast ratio
  • 1280x800 resolution
  • 720p native resolution
  • 250 cd/m
  • 6 ms pixel response time
  • Built-in DVD player
  • USB input, microSD card slot
  • Dual-tuner ATSC/NTSC with digital TV capabilities
  • Video Inputs: Coaxial antenna, RCA component video, RCA composite video, S-video, HDMI with HDCP, 15-pin VGA
  • Audio Inputs: RCA Stereo audio, 3.5mm audio
  • Audio Output: 2 10W stereo speakers, 3.5mm headphone jack
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