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The Coby HDR-650 is a high definition digital radio that can also pick up older analogue AM/FM signals.

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Reception of HD signals here in NYC are pretty good.

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It was/still is the ONLY portable HD table radio available, despite Best Buys claims that their inhouse Insignia "walkman" style HD radio was first.

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Battery life is not far off from the 5 hour claim. I can get over about 4-4.5 hours depending on the volume level.

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It's way overpriced...had I paid the full $150, my review wouldn't be quite so good. But at a little over $100, it's not a bad buy, although I'm sure these will be selling for $9.99 at Walmart or Target in the near future since no one is buying them.

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Although touted as a "portable", there is no handle, and unless you have big hands, it's not easy to grip it securely in one hand.

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Mine did NOT come with a remote! Nor was one mentioned in the literature that came with it.

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The sound has absolutely NO bass whatsoever. NONE! And no tone controls. However, the sound you DO get is crystal clean, and will produce room-filling sound which isn't terribly hard to listen to. My ears have adjusted enough to its sound, however I usually listen to it through my stereo receiver. Or, I can carry into another room, and simply plug it into the audio in on a better sounding radio, and you get to hear HD radio AND adjust the tone controls (if your radio has them...most have some type of adjustments possible).

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The Coby HDR-650 is a high definition digital radio that can also pick up older analogue AM/FM signals. With a high contrast backlit LCD display, brushed aluminum case, integrated speaker system with rechargeable battery (which can operate the device up to 5 hours before needing to be recharged), and a full function remote control the HDR-700 comes in at $150. Its less advanced brother, the HDR-650, is just the radio portion, allowing for the user to hook up their pre-existing home stereo to the unit.

  • 100-240V UL AC Adapter
  • AM Loop Antenna
  • Remote Control
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09/11/2008 04:07

Lousy radio, lousy reception. Has great potential, but will not receive anything in HD and my clock radio gets 20x better reception in analog. Nothing but noise. Avoid this radio at all costs. Oh, and it DOES NOT have a card slot or remote control.

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