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The Coby MP828 is a touchscreen, video MP3 player featuring a 2.8” touchscreen display.

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Excellent price point for a number of iPod Touch-like features.

12 agree

lightweight and portable

9 agree

Pretty good battery life (25 hours of playback).

8 agree

Expandable storage via miniSD.

6 agree

Pretty comprehensive audio format support (including FLAC) and AVI video.

5 agree

plays music nicely nice videos and everything.

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Instruction manual is substandard

14 agree

hard to get "text" on there cant read them once there on there either.

7 agree

Can not read by folder, so it is hard to find a music if artist is not referred.

5 agree

The software and UI aren't very polished, lockups aren't entirely uncommon.

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Questionable build quality--feels platicky and seems flimsy.

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not very intuitive or user friendly

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A little on the bulky side.

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The Coby MP828 is a touchscreen, video MP3 player featuring a 2.8” touchscreen display for quick and easy access to media files. Technically, its in the same category as the iPod Touch, but lacks WiFi or Internet access, and does not support any new apps to be installed. The top unit in the MP800 series, the player features a camera for capturing photos and videos, support for Xvid video playback, support for MP3 and iTune audio files, and support for FM radio with tags. Plus it includes a miniSD memory expansion port for upgrading past the 4GB/8GB storage limit. Like its 800-Series siblings, it has a 25-hour rechargeable battery, and stereo/USB connections. Users report that the Coby MP828 performs well and is easy to use. However, its screen is weak and prone to shattering if accidentally dropped.

  • 2.8” Widescreen TFT LCD Touchscreen Display (242x480)
  • Integrated Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery (25-Hours)
  • Support for MP3, WMA, ACC, FLAC, WAV Audio
  • Support for AVI(MPEG-4/XviD)
  • Support for JPG, BMP, GIF Photos
  • Support for TXT Documents
  • MiniSD Memory Expansion
  • USB 2.0 Hi-Speed Interface
  • Built In Camera
  • Stereo Jack
  • Stereo Earphones (Included Accessory)
  • USB Cable (Included Accessory)
  • Protective Pouch (Included Accessory)
Model Variations
  • Coby MP828-4GBLK | 4GB, Black
  • Coby MP828-8GBLK | 8GB, Black
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09/20/2013 02:15

Bought this for my 7 year old and he is overly excited about it. Does what he wants. Do I recommend it for an adult It is cheap quality and doesn't do a whole lot. But It puts a smile on my son's face and that's all he wanted :)

08/17/2013 10:53

fo jmilan yes

07/12/2013 11:19

is the explorer for internet, or someother purpuse

02/10/2013 10:25

Could someone tell me how to set date on mp828..get to month and day but can't seem to save it..



03/01/2013 12:42

It's set up as a European date: day of month, month, year. So today would look like 010313. We figured that out because when we tried to set up February 28, 2013 last night, the middle field would not go past 12. Eureka - it's for month, not day of month!

11/22/2012 02:19

can you use itunes on this mp3?



02/13/2013 04:57


09/14/2012 10:39

got as a gift..hate it wouldnt buy it r get it for some one really its been put in box maybe my grandson can play with it when he is 4 r 5 dont waste ur cash spend more get better

06/25/2012 09:39

How do I get text on it? I've put this freaking book in the ebook folder, deleted it, and put it back more times than I can count, and the stupid thing won't let me read it.

02/26/2012 07:27

So I've gathered this device is very comparable to an iPod, excluding the capability to access Internet or download new apps. My question is, will it work anywhere u can dock an iPod? Meaning does it fit? Thinking about getting a coby mp828, also looking for compatible DVD/ sound system, but nothin refers to docking a coby mp, only iPod docking



04/14/2012 07:02

it does not fit ipod docking stations, it does not appear to be able to dock on anything, must use the USB cord...trying to find a work around myself- received as a gift...I would not recommend it at all.

12/25/2011 11:40

What is the explorer icon for if you cant get wifi on it or internet?

12/03/2011 03:18

No, It's just a feature to insert/load a text that you would like to take with you type of thing.

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