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The Coby MP300 is a stick MP3 player that features a high contrast LCD display with a 7-color backlight.

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Headphone/output jack is very conveniently placed - allows users to slide the player into a pocket or purse while maintaining a straight cable line

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Excellent overall value and performance at the price point - plays back audio consistently and reliably, with a well-built minimal design

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Provides nearly all the functionality of entry-level iPod and Zune models at a fraction of the price - unit can be purchased for up to 1/4 the price of these competitors

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Inclusion of USB cable connectivity is very appealing to users unable to directly connect USB devices - especially beneficial for those with cramped I/O bays or off-angle inputs

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Ability to edit/delete song files within the device is a major selling point - allows users to create and adjust folder contents or free up space on the go

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Does a great job of keeping the place of a paused song or audiobook when powering off - returns to content in virtually the same spot that it left off

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Hybrid USB drive capabilities significantly increase functionality - allows users to store various files in addition to MP3s and other audio formats

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May require frequent reformatting depending on player contents and computer OS - some users report significant frustration due to unreadable files

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The Coby MP300 is a stick MP3 player that features a high contrast LCD display with a 7-color backlight for navigating through the media files.  The player is compatible with both MP3 and WMA music files and also supports ID3 tags for displaying the artist and album information.  It is a step down from Coby's MP305 since it lacks the integrated FM radio which comes with the MP305.  The MP300 comes with either 1GB, 2GB or 4GB of internal flash memory and has a mobile data storage function for storing data files.  It utilizes USB 2.0 technology and includes an integrated USB plug allowing the player to be plugged in to a computer without the need for additional cables.  The player runs on a single AAA battery for up to 8 hours of audio playback and comes with stereo headphones. 

  • Stick MP3 player
  • High-contrast LCD display with 7-color backlight (128 x 32 resolution)
  • Available in 1GB, 2GB, or 4GB capacities
  • Compatible with MP3 and WMA digital music files
  • ID3 tag support
  • Mobile data storage function
  • Integrated USB plug
  • USB 2.0 technology
  • Runs on 1 AAA Battery for up to 8 hr battery life
  • Comes with stereo headphones and USB extension cable
  • Dimensions: 3.58" x 1.1" x 0.75"
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