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The Coby CX-CD377 is a micro CD player stereo system.

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Modern look and slim design.

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Remote has decent range and reception.

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Stock speaker wires are flimsy, break easily.

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Emits a pretty noticeable hum whenever it's on.

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Casing feels cheap and plastic-y.

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The CD player function is known to malfunction or outright break after a few months of use.

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Sound quality is pretty bad all around, even for the price.

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The Coby CX-CD377 is a micro CD player stereo system. Unlike the similiar system the Coby CX-CD239, the CX-CD377 comes with speakers that can be placed for best sound quality possible. The system comes with a sleek black design that makes it fit in with a lot of the technology on the market, black being a very popular color. The CD player is vertically loading and an AUX input is available to plug in other audio devices to play out of the speakers. The Coby CX-CD377 includes a standard multi-function backlit LCD display and a Dynamic Bass Boost System to bring clarity to the sound. Inexpensive, this system is a good choice for the budget conscious who are looking for a basic system.

  • Dimensions: (WHD) 19" x 7.8" x 3"
  • Analog AM/FM radio
  • Dynamic Bass Boost System (DBBS)
  • Full-range speaker system
  • AUX input for other audio devices
  • 110/220V dual voltage
  • Electronic volume control
  • Multi-function backlit LCD display
  • Vertical loading CD player
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Carol Mn
10/17/2009 10:53

Poor quality. Bad sound. No warranty for defective product. Return it immediately if you buy one and have any of the following symptoms: intermittant CD playback problems - skipping, stopping, multiple tries to start; hum from speaker on start-up. Save your receipt, you only have 90 day warranty even though warranty states 1 year on parts. That only applies to 'replacement parts' and Coby states that there are none on this unit. I had all of the above and with a gradual increase in problems until it stopped on day 92

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