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The Coby CSMP145 is a basic iPod dock for use in a bedroom or kitchen.

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Rotating dock feature is an excellent component - allows users to slightly tilt their iDevice for better viewing, or turn it away for sleep needs

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Extra-wide dock fits all iPod and iPhone models, even with rubber and plastic cases - saves the user having to partially or fully remove these components before listening

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Adjustable LEDs provide customizable illumination levels - unit functions very well as a nightlight in this respect

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Bass boost function is exceptional - provides noticeable addition to low-end output, configurable via remote control for further simplicity

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Dedicated auxiliary input enables quick connectivity of laptops and other larger devices - great for watching movies or playing games that involve high-quality audio

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Design profile is sleek and elegant - dock is sure to be a primary focal point in whichever room it is placed

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Fantastic overall value at the sub-$100 dollar price point - virtually unparalleled amongst iPod-certified competitors

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Volume handling is somewhat limited - unit is not recommended for larger room types that may frequently involve ambient noise and conversation

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The Coby CSMP145 is a basic iPod dock for use in a bedroom or kitchen. This is a simplified design compared to the Coby CSMP142, with just an iPod docking port and no other input sources. This allows the design to take on a flat and narrow form factor that takes up less room on a kitchen counter or dresser, and still gives full access to the iPod's contents with a full function remote control. The flat design reduces the output of the speakers, but they are still capable of giving a total of 20 watts of power output. An ambient lighting system is also built in to offer an attractive feature in darkened rooms.

  • Universal dock for iPod
  • Charges while playing
  • Full-range speaker system
  • Adjustable ambient lighting
  • 20W total output power (2 x 10W)
  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Full function remote control
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