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The Cobra XRS 9550G is one of eight 14-band, high-performance radar/laser detectors from the XRS series.

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GPS feature provides good, useful information

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sets up fairly easily, instructions are clear and tell you everything you need to know

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alert is very clear, will always hear it above the radio

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included power cord is long enough for a larger dash

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detects radars with great reaction times and sensitivity

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hard to figure out how to program new "danger areas" into the GPS

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downloadable software for the GPS functionality tends to crash in Windows 7

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The Cobra XRS 9550G is one of eight 14-band, high-performance radar/laser detectors from the XRS series. It trades in all its predecessors’ advanced albeit unnecessary features—voltage measurer, fancy display, optional attachments—for an integrated GPS Locator with instant access to the AURA Database, meaning alerts for verified speed traps and red light camera locations, and dangerous intersections. This works with the built-in 14-band sensor to provide users with an enhanced level of on-road security. Unfortunately the Cobra XRS 9550G reverts back to a simple monochrome text display, though it does hold onto verbal Voice Alerts, IntelliMute anti-false-signal reception technology, and a digital signal strength meter.

  • Radar/Laser Detector
  • Xtreme Range Superheterodyne Technology
  • 360-Degree, 14-Band Detection
  • Integrated GPS Locator
  • Access to AURA Database
  • GPS 8-Point Compass
  • DigiView Data Display
  • Voice Alert
  • VG-2/Spectre-I/IV+ Alerts
  • LTI/Lyte/ProLaser Alerts
  • Stalker/Speedlaser Alerts
  • Ku/X/K Band Detection
  • POP Mode Radar Gun Detection
  • Safety Alerts
  • Dim Mode
  • Auto Mute
  • IntelliMute
  • Digital Signal Strength Meter
  • City/Highway Selector
  • Stay Set Electronic Memory
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06/18/2012 09:46

i`ve bought 2 of the xr9550g so far, and the first worked great for 2 weeks,the aura system on the second one has never worked!

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