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The S3 Irons are intended for golfers who are looking for an all-around performace.

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design looks modern and sleek

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high quality construction doesn't show scuffs or scratches

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great feel, smooth and buttery on contact

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almost every shot will go straight every time

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very forgiving on mis-hits, can still get good distance

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hard to work the ball at all, tend to just hit straight

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ball goes a bit too high to land softly

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The Cobra S3 Irons are a set of golf irons that come featuring E9 Face technology and a multi-material design that work to optimize their performance and your golf game.

The S3 Irons are intended for golfers who are looking for an all-around performace. These clubs come with E9 Face Technology that is an advanced system creating a larger Sweet Zone, giving you an increased distance and accuracy, as well as forgiveness. The 3-7 irons come with a 17-4 hyper steel construction, and the 8-LW come with a 17-4 stainless steel makeup. These clubs come with a multi-material iron construction with a hidden internal polymer topline and full cavity TPU for an optimal weight distribution.
This club set is related to the Cobra S3 Max irons that are an upgrade for mid- to high-handicap golfers, and comes featuring a low-profile design.

  • golf iron set
  • E9 face technology
  • multi-material iron construction
  • for the all-around golfer
  • large sweet zone
  • increased distance, accuracy and forgiveness
  • 3-7 irons: 17-4 hyper steel
  • 8 iron - LW: 17-4 stainless steel
  • optimal weight distribution
  • dampens vibration
  • stepped crescent sole design
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