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Featuring E9 face technology and a multi-material design.

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consistent changes throughout the set, always know what to expect

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look and design have a flashy high-end sports equipment kind of feel

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plenty of forgiveness for beginners

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low price for a set of hybrid irons

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irons tend to separate from the ferrule after a year or so

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feel is a little rough and jarring

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don't allow you to work a ball in a controlled manner

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The Cobra S3 Iron-Hybrid set is a golf iron set that comes featuring E9 face technology and a multi-material design that works to optimize the all-around performance of each individual club.

The S3 iron-hybrid set comes with hybrids that create an easier to launch and more consistent, long club options when you don't want to use an iron. These clubs come with E9 face technology that gives a larger sweet zone, leading to a greater distance, accuracy, and forgiveness. The set comes with a stepped crescent sole design, a mid-width sole that narrows in the toe and heel for an improved turf interaction and a consistent distance. It comes with Baffler-style hybrids that promote more forgiveness and a higher ball flight than standard long irons.
This iron-hybrid set is related to the Cobra S3 Max iron-hybrid set that is for golfers with a mid- to high-handicap and comes with a low profile and a railed, powerback sole.

  • iron-hybrid set
  • E9 face technology
  • all-around performance
  • large sweet zone for greater distance, accuracy, and forgiveness
  • stepped crescent sole design
  • improved turf interaction
  • consistent distance
  • Baffler-style hybrids
  • high ball flight
  • optimal weight distribution
  • dampens vibration
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