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The S2 Forged Irons are a mid-priced men's 8-club set (w/ irons 4-9, pitching wedge and gap wedge) from Cobra.

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Forged irons that will still provide some forgiveness on missed shots

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All the benefits of forged irons with some added forgiveness

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Extreme perimeter weighting to provide a moment of inertia that is over a third greater compared to the Cobra Pro CB model

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The shaft is 15% lighter than True Temper Dynamic Golf Shafts

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Great set of irons for those trying to take "the next step" in their game

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The face of the clubhead scuffs easily

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The S2 Forged Irons are a mid-priced men's 8-club set (w/ irons 4-9, pitching wedge and gap wedge) from Cobra. This set of irons is being marketed to more advanced players, Cobra emphasizing the fact that the set has ultimate control and distance. This is due to the large cavity back of the clubs, as well as perimeter weighting. The 1025 carbon steel club heads have CNC milled grooves in them, which make for consistent trajectory and spin. The Nippon NS Pro 1130 tour shaft provides ultimate feel and control, and optimizes ball flight. The Cobra S2 Forged Irons should appeal to players who want the solid feel of forged irons, but do not want to sacrifice forgiveness. There is a women's and senior's set available as well, with irons 5-9, pitching wedge, gap wedge and sand wedge.   

  • Forged 1025 carbon steel heads 
  • CNC milled grooves
  • Cavity back
  • Extreme perimeter weighting
  • Tour-inspired shape and design
  • Nippon NS Pro 1130 tour shaft (graphite and steel options) 
  • Large sole
  • Golf Pride Tour Velvet grip
  • D2 swing weight 
Club Specs
  • 3 iron - 19 degree loft angle, 60.5 degree lie angle, 39" club length  
  • 4 iron - 22 degree loft angle, 61 degree lie angle, 38.5" club length
  • 5 iron - 25 degree loft angle, 61.5 degree lie angle, 38" club length
  • 6 iron - 28 degree loft angle, 62 degree lie angle, 37.5" club length 
  • 7 iron - 31 degree loft angle, 62.5 degree lie angle, 37" club length 
  • 8 iron - 35 degree loft angle, 63 degree lie angle, 36.5" club length
  • 9 iron - 39 degree loft angle, 63.5 degree lie angle, 36" club length
  • PW - 43 degree loft angle, 64 degree lie angle, 35.75" club length
  • GW - 49 degree loft angle, 64 degree lie angle, 35.5" club length
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