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Cobra Nav One 5000 is a GPS Receiver for automobile use.

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5-inch screen provides clear, vivid map info with loud voice prompts

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Frequent firmware updates minimize likelihood of simple errors - users are encouraged to check for updates often

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Pre-loaded is seemingly prone to freezing and crashing - may prompt "System Failure" screen during use

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Built-in Bluetooth microphone is of relatively low quality - may require the purchase of a third party unit

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Minimal standalone battery life - 1 to 2 hours at best on a full charge

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Abundance of POI (Point of Interest) pop-ups may lead to accidental selection - upsets flow of directionality

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GPS engine may display inaccurate map information - includes locational inconsistencies with prolonged readjustment times

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Cobra Nav One 5000 is a GPS Receiver for automobile use. Cobra offers the 5000 as an upgrade to the 4500 with better routing options and more comprehensive trip-planning abilities according to PC Mag.Com. It has a relatively huge 5" screen, bluetooth hands-free communication for directions and for using the phone. The Text-to-Speech technology allows the driver to speak street names for safer driving, and there are over 7 million points-of-interest included. Speak the name of a business or service, and the 5000 will give you the nearest location with directions. It is a portable vehicle navigation system, plug it in and go. Reviewers agree on the handy magnified turn details screen as a superior feature that reduces distraction by allowing the driver to see a magnified view of upcoming turns and changes in direction. When traveling a GPS receiver makes getting there easier. All agree that the Cobra Nav One 5000 makes getting there safer too.

  • Portable Vehicle Navigation System
  • SD Memory Card Expansion Slot
  • Automatic Re-routing
  • iA.S.A.P.® - Intelligent Accelerated Satellite Acquisition Protocol
  • Over 7 Million Points-of-Interest
  • OptiView™ Ultra-Bright 5-Inch Display
  • Uses Text-to-speech technology to speak street names for easier navigation.
  • Provides easy hands-free communication for Bluetooth enabled cell phones.
  • My Favorite Brands - Over 600 brands available with 1 touch. Choose your favorites from categories.
  • Works under extreme temperature conditions of -4°F to 158°F, much wider than typical units.
  • Magnified Turn Details Screen
  • Trip Computer
  • Exclusive Cobra-verified Speed / Red Light Camera database to alert drivers in advance of dangerous intersections
  • Adjustable Speed Warning     Voice warning when exceeding your chosen vehicle speed.
  • Specifications Length: 1.25 Width: 5.25 Height: 4.25
  • Weight: under 10 oz
  • In the Box Accesories: Windshield Suction Cup Mounting Bracket,12V Power Cord with Cigarette Lighter Plug,120V AC Adapter for In-Home Use, USB Cable
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